A Letter to the War Department…

To Obama, Panetta, et al,

 I am a citizen of the most horribly Imperialistic nation on earth, The United States of America.  STOP the war mongering NOW.  Pull the Plug on the WAR Profiteers, all of whom should be EXECUTED in a Public Forum for WAR CRIMES;  This means YOU, too.  Pay ATTENTION to history’s lessons;  America is only in danger of attacks by foreign countries because it is AMERICA that reaches it’s filthy tentacles around the globe, stealing other countries’ resources, enslaving innocent people, and forcing it’s vile form of dictatorship onto all of it’s victims.  America’s own foreign policies brought on and are indeed directly responsible for the inevitable attack on September 11th.  It is YOU PEOPLE whom are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE;  Indeed, YOU ASKED FOR IT!
STOP YOUR FILTHY AND VENAL WARS NOW!!  Bring the pawns and the dupes, all of whom are stuck in endless quagmires, home.  Obliterate this blasphemous WAR machine and all the dirty defense contractors and prosecute the WAR DEPARTMENT!!  THIS MEANS YOU, Panetta.

Christina Marlowe


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