Why does Idiot-America NOT SEE that it has been Four Decades of utterly RUINOUS DEREGULATION of every godforsaken industry that has led us to this point. Deregulation has been the ultimate NEMESIS to America and indeed the entire world.

The Industry Tycoons, fully collaborating with the QUISLING GOVERNMENT HACKS, have deliberately orchestrated this diabolical scheme in order to make TRILLIONS of DOLLARS on OUR BACKS.

Further, it’s also the old SHARECROPPING system where 99% of the miserable and huddled masses are quite literally ENSLAVED by the Uber-Wealthy Criminal Monsters. Most Former-Middle-Class-Now-Working- Poor are stuck mired in constant and rising debt to the corporate empires in cahoots with the Kleptocratic, thoroughly corrupt government.

The best part of all is that Idiot-America just keeps on voting for pathological LIARS and SOCIOPATHS, year after year.

Nearly every single one of these thoroughly rapacious Politicians who seek to enthrone themselves to power are virtually interchangeable; Whether Democrat or Republican, They are ALL Nothing but Lying, Treacherous, Thieving, Unconscionable Narcissists that routinely, brazenly and shamelessly prostitute themselves to the criminal bankers and corporate empires.

Thanks a lot, morons, for decimating the entire planet whilst screwing each species including your own!!


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