To Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks…

To Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks,

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

You are two of the most pathologically reprehensible organizations to ever exist in my very own country, The United States of America.  You spew to your ignorant, illiterate and brainwashed masses, i.e. your own constituents, nothing but abject hate, virulent divisiveness, and grotesquely distorted information, calling it “news,” all in order to prop up your shameless propaganda of ABSOLUTE CONFABULATION AND OUTRIGHT LIES.

How each and every one of you “people” can sleep at night is well beyond imagination.  You are so horrifyingly delusional, so shockingly far-detached from any semblance of reality, it’s utterly mortifying.

Further, you worthless, prying busybodies, keep your filthy thoughts, your deranged beliefs, and your vile gutter politics out of my face and out of my life.

You have NO right, NONE WHATSOEVER, to tell ME, or ANYONE ELSE, what to DO, what to THINK, what to BELIEVE;  Stay FAR AWAY from ME and my OWN life.  MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMNED BUSINESS.  Worthless QUID NUNCS.  You all should have been aborted or, at least, strangled in your cribs.

With Pure Loathing, Utter Contempt and Total Disdain,

Christina Marlowe


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