Another Quick Little Note to Mitt Romney…

Dear Mr Romney:

Hmm!! I see you’re having lots of FUN!!  Indeed,  It must be lots of fun!! PLUNDERING, that is… And PLUNDERING the ENTIRE global economy!!  And,  so it seems, THAT is just the icing on the cake!! Once you’ve “Accomplished” all THAT PLUNDERING, I guess the next logical step is pretty obvious!! To RULE the WORLD, of course!!!

I know, I know…You only want to put another notch in your gold-gilt belt!! Hell!! I mean, that’s just all part of the GAME!! Then it will feel more, well, More “KING”-Like. Befitting Indeed!! Befitting for a man who quite obviously suffers from an extreme case of SHORT-WILLY COMPLEX.

Ah, yes…Yet ANOTHER Psychopath that SO DESPERATELY wants “IN” to the [Kleptocratic] US Government, so they can be SURE that they’ll get THEIR SHARE!!!! And I hear that many of them, Psychopaths, that is, are actually quite charming!! And such adept pathological LIARS!!

So….Um, may I just call you…”Mitt?” Your mother must be very proud, given your, well, your, let’s just say…um, “shortcomings?” “Inadequacies?” Well, you get my point…

Indeed, Mitt!! You’ve certainly ARRIVED!! NOW GO AWAY!! You and everyone like you are the True DREGS of Society; Sucking away at everything in sight, destroying every one in your REPTILIAN, GUTTERSNIPE little world.

So, Mr. Wanna-Be-President!! Now, Let ME tell YOU: If I EVER get HALF a chance, I WILL SPIT right in your FACE. You, SIR, are truly a worthless DIRTBAG.

With Nothing but CONTEMPT,

Christina Marlowe


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