A Vote for Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is NOTHING and Mitt Romney is NO ONE. Indeed, Mitt Romney is yet just another total Disgrace, in a very long line of Blithering Idiots and Total Buffoons; Pigs lining up at the trough; Mitt Romney is nothing more than an astonishingly ignorant mouthpiece, a soiled and filthy instrument, and to quote John Gray now, an “exceptionally rapacious primate;” a moron-puppet for the “REAL” Power[Mongers], the Trillionaires in the White Power Structure; He is an Idiot-Ape; Aping and awkwardly ambling, mindlessly pillaging, destructively plundering his way straight to the ultimate brass ring, the finest and most coveted prize, the last “notch” in his gold-gilt belt, The US Presidency: The Marching Morons, 2012.

So, is it a vote for Mitt Romney or is it A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD?


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