The Economist Asks: Do America’s Rich Pay Their Fair Share in Taxes?



The answer is a resounding NO. The filthy rich are getting richer and filthier by the moment and frankly, it’s appalling. In fact, these truly reprehensible RobberBarons should be taxed at 100%, and then smacked hard right in the mouth for good measure. Actually, they bring nothing of value to society; Rather they suck away at it and destroy anything and anyone in their idiot-paths. In fact, they need RESTRAINTS because these people are truly insane with GREED; And they are not very intelligent, rather they are just incredibly destructive.

So, whether Left, Right or Center, I conclude that the human animal itself is appallingly short-sighted, totally myopic and is, to quote John Gray now, “an exceptionally rapacious primate.” I will never understand the plundering and pillaging, all in the name filthy lucre and amassing ultimately quite useless possessions; Nor will I ever understand the dizzying, witless and sightless greed that these beasts possess. It is NEVER enough for the likes of these creatures.

This obscene greed, along with the routine pathological lying; the cheating, stealing, thieving, all with the most astonishing impunity, it will all come back onto them and they are clueless. And it seems that, here in America, blatant and shameless hypocrisy is the norm; Standard behavior. It is with almost EVERY SINGLE politician, and the top echelons of the corporations that have bought them, and the multitudes of lobbyists for those (corporate) interests.

Further, there are no boundaries at all with the likes of these people. They do not even live among any of us, really; and they truly do not care at all. About any one or anything but themselves, their own self interests and mind-boggling covetousness. They are either total Narcissists or pure sociopaths.

These Primates, humans, act very much like any bratty, spoiled, self-indulgent two year-old child who has never been taught to share; And these people are not only totally unenlightened and entirely undeveloped in the brain, but they are really not all that, well, BRIGHT. They have no CLASS either.

As these dumb animals thoroughly and shamelessly ruin everything on earth, including the earth itself; and as they blindly destroy everything in sight including their VERY OWN SPECIES, I cannot help but conclude that these Idiot-Apes are indeed sociopaths.

Just throw a ton of money at the poor white trash and watch the show. A bunch of Idiot-Celebrity-Thugs, Neanderthals. (Why do they all want to be on television??? Who ARE these people???) And THAT is what is left of America.



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