The so-called DEBT, and the panic surrounding it, is a pure contrivance. This “issue” that is broadly and constantly bandied about by the corporate shills of every stripe, is nothing but a colossal SCAM; A RUSE used specifically by the Republicans to distract and stupefy people.

It is the DE FACTO Rulers, the Trillionaires, that run this wretched little show. And the FACT is that they’ve been intentionally Bilking everyone down the line, by way of Enormous Schemes to Defraud; All as they Plunder the world’s natural resources; and as they Hoard 46 Trillion U.S. Dollars in various Tax-Free Havens.

The so-called DEBT was in FACT created by their own totally disastrous, utterly ruinous policies of more Deregulation of ALL industry and the thoroughly corrupt Privatization of all previously PUBLIC sectors.

By the way, the term “ENTITLEMENTS,” is a DELIBERATE misnomer; it is yet another contrived term used only just recently to make the very programs that all U.S. citizens have PAID into for YEARS, look and seem like [undeserved] WELFARE. It is NOT.

Furthermore, if the government hacks want to bring up the DEBT, the very debt that they themselves have created through their own thoroughly failed policies over the last four decades, while they propose AUSTERITY MEASURES for the REST of US, then I propose a referendum vote:

Retract entirely ALL benefits that these contemptible PUBLIC SERVANTS enjoy on OUR, the TAX-PAYER’S, hard-earned dime and SLASH their Paychecks to NOTHING.


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