Dear Parasitic Government HUMPS…

Dear Entrenched Parasitic Government HACK:

You repeatedly and emphatically state that you do not want people, no matter their circumstance, dependent on the government;  Dependent on the government for health care, dependent on the government for food, dependent on the government, period.  You are self-proclaimed “rugged, pull-yourselves-up-by-the-bootstraps Individualists;” Freedom Fighters;  “Liberty Patriots,” etc., etc, etc.

So!!  Is it really that you do not Realize that indeed it is You yourselves who are totally reliant, yes, Dependent–on the very government in which you publicly denounce?  Yes, It is You government Hacks that spend every worthless waking hour campaigning to get right back on the Dole, all funded by US, the free-loading TAX PAYERS.  I mean, really.  Just admit it.  You clamor endlessly to get your own free rides, just as you Deny all other, um, constituents, any and all benefits that you yourselves benefit.

Yes, you worse-than-useless parasites do enjoy mightily all your tax-payer funded lifetime health care benefits, limousines, fancy restaurants. living in your very own self-involved, self-centered and thoroughly Spoilt World of Utter Disgrace and Total Failure.

Indeed, You yourselves in this miserably failing government enjoy full, lifetime health care along with endless other benefits, all on the taxpayers dime, right as you continually fight to deny your own constituents, your own fellow citizens, the very so-called entitlements that which you yourselves benefit. How dare you!And so, to you I say this:I propose a simple and straightforward bit of legislation to be given to the citizens of the United States as a REFERENDUM vote:Retract entirely every single benefit that you hypocritical parasites in our miserably failing government, every benefit that you all enjoy on OUR, the taxpayers’, hard-earned dime.

First, No more free health care.  And then you corrupt, mean-spirited and unconscionable government HUMPS would all have to do just as WE ALL MUST DO:  buy grossly inflated, anti-American, inhumane for-profit health care “insurance,” (one of the biggest SCAMS in history) that covers nothing at all just when you need coverage most; and then, when one of you filthy, horrible Republicans or “Blue-Dog” Democrats gets sick and is denied coverage, let the insurance company CEO immediately and unceremoniously pull the plug.

Then, I myself will form a very long line of the wretched and the doomed, right up to the doorways and into your grand offices;  And, THEN, please sirs, allow ME Personally to yank you forcibly out of those Grand offices, right by your well-coiffed hair, and straight out to the squalid streets of WE the PEOPLE;  And then YOU can Fend for Yourselves…


On Perfection…(My Own)

Let’s talk…about ME:

Or, If you really want to offend and irritate a religious person, and I usually do, here’s what you say:
             Long ago, I consciously decided to just become and then just BE perfect.
My decision to “JUST BE PERFECT” has worked like a charm and I am a final,
PERFECT, FINISHED work of art. And I’ve even perfected being perfect–I am
always perfecting my perfection. Furthermore, even my flaws are perfect!!
You see I simply decided not to work on trifling details that really don’t matter anyway.
That would be a waste of my precious time. And now I really am perfect. 

I am also FEARLESS. No one can affect me or my Perfection.  In fact, I remain perfect IN SPITE;  And anyone else is really not my concern, though I work on behalf of all others. You see, it’s not and never has been about ME. It’s the world around us and I happen to choose to focus on the betterment of society simply because I choose not to be a greedy self-absorbed whoring ASSHOLE-IDIOT.

Further, I never intentionally offend anyone, except stupid Republicans because
they truly deserve to be offended. My method is simple and sometimes brutal: I
simply assail them with FACTS and then I ignore them as if to just make them go
away. I can wish people away. I must admit, though, that my ABSOLUTE
intolerance of Republicans/Stupidity can be enjoyable at times. I like to argue
with idiots from time to time…but only for so long. Truly, I much prefer to
spend my time with people EXACTLY LIKE ME, so that is usually what I do.

My PERFECTION has proven quite easy to achieve and so simple in that I choose
my every action, every single moment of every single day; with this power and
knowledge, the power and the knowledge that only I am in complete control of my
self and my actions, my thoughts, my own direction; I do not PAWN it all off on
GOD as so many others do. These religious types cop out completely and choose
to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility. Leave it all in GOD’S
hands. Ignorant, Lazy, No-Good… Motherfuckers. Anyway, I, on the other
hand, take full responsibility for my every action, thought and utterance. And
it is remarkably easy to just always do my best…no matter what. Take the HIGH
road…not just sometimes, but EVERY TIME. And STEAMROLL OVER NONSENSE. I
speak my mind because I want to; the worst thing that can happen to me is if
some fucking lunatic puts a bullet in my brain. I’m not afraid of that either.
I STAND UP FOR MY PRINCIPLES, which means that I ALWAYS do the RIGHT thing both
for my own self and for anyone involved. 

So it is that Once you decide not to be a self-centered, self-involved, selfish, greedy, hoarding ASSHOLE, then you can be PERFECT TOO!! 



P.S.  Crazy trumps Stupid every time…