How to Rule and Other Protracted Essays On Thought Control

How to Rule:

1.  Keep the overwhelming majority of the population focused on carefully-crafted delusions, most notably effective is the oft-used and totally contrived “Left” versus “Right” paradigm;

2.  Feed the population, constantly and consistently, outright lies and complete fabrications, all whilst totally convincing population, through any form of trickery, Convince population to believe things that are simply NOT TRUE;  LIES.

3.  Use so-called buzz words (such as “God,” “Guns, “Patriotism,” “American [Exceptionalism]” etc., etc.), while simultaneously using fear tactics (“Terrorism,” “Communism,” “Fascism,” etc., etc.) in order to prop up or legitimize all conspired-confabulations;

4.  No matter what, ADAMANTLY DENY ANY AND ALL FACTS;  CONVINCE people that each of their now-strenuously-held “beliefs” (which actually, in reality, are delusions based on outright deceit, LIES) convince the people that their “beliefs” are TRUE, RIGHT, RATIONAL and WORTH FIGHTING FOR;

5.  Blatantly pit separate groups of people against each other, heavily using all media, in order to keep each group insanely confused, hysterical and belligerent with increasingly irrational fear(s), as they become more and more preoccupied with their delusions and self-righteousness;

6.  Feed the fire: Instill hugely inflated Sense of Rightness (self-righteousness) through wholly-manufactured “evidence;”  This particularly useful form of trickery, by the way, is often found disguised as religion, in which any one will do;

7.  Merely repeat the words “GOD,” “GUNS,” etc. etc. Ad Infinitum

And, with that, the Amoral robber barons have their whole voting base:  an utterly deluded, insanely confused and totally brainwashed population, busily fighting tooth and nail directly against themselves and against their own self-interests, liberally fed with deliberate and outright lies and wildly inflammatory rhetoric.


On Balzac…
I now know beyond any doubt whatsoever that, as Balzac wrote, “Behind every great fortune, there is CRIME.”

These cretinous billionaire “people” should be tarred, feathered, paraded around in dunce caps and handcuffs, and then summarily and unceremoniously EXECUTED, preferably HANGED, in a public square.  They are, each and every one of these CRIMINALS, the true dregs of society;  They offer nothing at all of value; Rather they suck away at society and everyone that crosses their vile, reprehensible paths.

As for Obama, I say to him:  Listen up, MAN…If you don’t hold the criminals accountable for their CRIMES, your precious “Legacy” will be pilloried by the FACT that YOU, SIR, are a LYING DEMON, cut from the very same cloth as your buddies in the Banks and on Wall Street that bankroll you.

Furthermore, you are, without any doubt, to quote Cornell West now,
“A black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.”

To further quote West on Obama, “And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.”

What a Disgraceful TRAVESTY.

Christina Marlowe

Ruled by Psychopaths
Christina Marlowe

Psychopaths (alternately Sociopaths) have utterly no conscience.  Indeed, they will do absolutely anything under the sun to advance themselves in their narcissistic self interest, all with utterly no regard for any one else.

Sound familiar?  It should!!  They run our government;  And they actively pass legislation for fewer and less regulations, all designed so that they have NO rules to follow, NO obligations to honor, NO accountability whatsoever.  And we, the voters, have let this happen.  In fact, Deep-Seated Character Disorders and other Dangerous Personality/Character Defects are now Pre-Requisites for Politicians!!

Obscene Greed, Pathological Lying, Impudent Cheating, Blatant Thieving and Outright Hypocrisy is the NORM today!!  Whether Left, Right or Center,  the Pathologically Ambitious Psychopaths, whether in Politics or in Business, will stop at nothing;  They truly do believe that they are indeed Entitled to run the entire world.   And, witness, having written all the laws over the last three and a half decades, they’ve ensured that there are no rules to follow, no legal obligations to honor, no recourse for anyone if they get trampled, and left to run amok.

The Psychopaths who’ve been HANDED the HELM,  are nothing but a bunch of greedy, stingy, covetous, power-mongering and totally AMORAL people.  NONE of these people CAN be TRUSTED. And, left unchecked as it is, there are NO boundaries at all for Psychopaths.

Politicians–those whom so fervently seek “control” over others–and I directly blame every last rotten one of them–They are so out of touch and out of control in every conceivable way;   Life, it seems, has become nothing but a game;  The power, the money, the fame;  And whatever else they are constantly, pitifully, eternally and insatiably striving to attain.

But there is no foundation for these people;  No scruples, No sense of basic decency, No moral compass, No knowledge, No Awareness…of anything really, except their own insane and insatiable desires. There is absolutely nothing good about them and they offer society nothing. Indeed they unseeingly ruin the entire world.

America the Kleptocracy:

Kleptocracy means ruled by thieves;  the corporations have well-paid lobbyists who are devoted full time to passing legislation that solely benefits the corporate titan;  they pass legislation for fewer and less regulations so that they have no rules to follow, no obligations to honor, no accountability whatsoever.

So, just when did it all go so wrong? And just why is it that these people, both controlling industry and in our government, why don’t these people just do what is RIGHT, FAIR and HONEST?  It really isn’t that difficult, yet the fact of the matter is that obscene greed, pathological lying, cheating, stealing, whoring, thieving…and the unbelievably blatant hypocrisy is the norm amongst most politicians, whether Left or Right, the top echelons (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) of almost all corporations, and the lobbyists for the special (corporate) interests.

It is abundantly clear, after more than thirty years of DEREGULATION, that people simply CANNOT be TRUSTED.  It is also quite evident that, left unchecked as it is, there are no boundaries at all with these people. Those with ghastly wealth are indeed either directly in cahoots with, or are in fact those with dangerous power.  None of them even live among any of us, really; further, they apparently don’t care at all. About any one or anything but themselves, their own self interests and mind-boggling covetousness, as if to say, “I have mine and I want it all; To hell with the rest of you.” Like a two year-old totally undeveloped and bratty, spoiled child who has never been taught to share.

So, Have we in fact been duped by a bunch of sociopaths? Because these people display absolutely no conscience at all. So when did it start going so wrong? I do believe that it did start under Ronald Reagan and his “greed is good” mentality and his ambitions to DEREGULATE ALL INDUSTRY.

And with all the totally reckless and utterly ruinous deregulation of every industry, i.e. no rules to follow, no legal obligations to honor, no recourse for anyone if they get trampled–and we are ALL getting trampled (Actually, I feel as if I am being RAPED REPEATEDLY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT), and left to run amok by, really, a bunch of greedy, stingy, totally AMORAL people who sold their souls to the DEVIL itself!!  We can all see the results.

Conclusion: People cannot and SHALL NOT be trusted; Trusted especially to be good samaritans on good faith; It is pretty clear to me that we, as a nation, must FORCE them to follow and obey some basic rules of conscience. I do truly believe that the entire government, along with the institutionalized parasites whom cling to it’s teat year after year, is fundamentally and systemically diseased; Only by raising it entirely and completely, starting from the level, will affect the systemic change that we so desperately need.

Most Urgent Goal, In My Opinion:
The first and most urgent GOAL, in my opinion, is to THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATE, immediately INDICT, painstakingly PROSECUTE, and IMPRISON for Life…THE CRIMINALS!!! Oh, and forcibly yank every last bit of their ill-gotten gains, ie. all mansions, all yachts, all on and off-shore accounts, every last dime, Repossess it ALL from the CRIMINALS.

If and only if THAT happens, can any of us go about restoring some semblance of law and order, basic civility, a measure of justice for ALL.

The fact of the matter is that, as it stands, the U.S. Department of Justice, along with any and all other law enforcement agencies, do absolutely NOTHING; In fact, the habitual, serial Felons, the criminals, get FULL Pardons, Full ASYLUM, right here in America; None are ever investigated, indicted, prosecuted or punished. In fact, each of them are ABOVE ALL LAWS.

And Just Remember: It was President Obama that clearly stated that he would not get involved in prosecutions of these (war crimes and financial terrorism) crimes; He said, “I want to look forward, not go backward.”

Well, I say to him, I want to move forward by upholding both the U.S. laws and the world’s laws. If we continue to totally ignore SERIOUS CONSTANT crimes and the criminals walk away Scott-free every time, it only gives both the criminals and the would-be criminals license to behave as if they’re above the law. And lo’ and behold;  That is precisely how they conduct themselves.

Decade after decade, rampant and blatant high crimes, i.e. Fraud, Scheme to Defraud, Financial [Elder] Abuse, etc., among elected government officials, right along with the uber-wealthy whom run the Mega-Banks and the Corporate Empires, the crimes continue to grow worse and worse here in America.

As I look on in utter disbelief, as political events unfold both here in America and around the world, a rather clear pattern emerges:  Not one of these political and/or corporate powerhouses is EVER prosecuted for breaking ANY laws, whether U.S. laws or international laws.  And make no mistake, these laws that these apparent “untouchables” brazenly, cavalierly and CONSTANTLY break, are very, very serious laws; Laws for which WE OURSELVES would go to jail.  Fraud, scheme to defraud, elder abuse, profiteering, WAR CRIMES;  the list goes on forever.

Again and again, year after year, I see these filthy bastards breaking every single law on ANY and EVERY book, and STILL not ONE of them is EVER held accountable!!  FOR ANYTHING!!

One of the most glaring and recent examples without a doubt is the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, WAR in Iraq. And, of course, all the other clansmen that get away with MURDER.  Not only is this incredible;  it is also unforgivable. And as the “Free” “Press” is 100% Corporate-controlled, NONE ever touches the REAL issues, nor do they follow through on ANY truth.

Fundamental Question:

Why is it that so many people cannot see basic facts and fundamental truths?  And why can’t the media state things as such?  Indeed just one most obvious and glaring example is this:  In eight short yet disastrous years, George W. Bush, along with his fellow clansmen, did in fact succeed in thoroughly decimating not just the United States’ economy, but indeed the entire global economy. In FACT, every time the Republicans get their stranglehold on America, they do ruin everything while they blame the Democrats, the Liberals, the Progressives and all other groups that try belatedly and often in vain to fix their, the Republicans’, dire messes from their own twisted, hypocritical, wrongheaded, and tried-and-failed policies and philosophies which have proven repeatedly, to utterly fail the general populace, i.e. the now-huddled-masses, as a direct result of pure, unfettered, unrestrained–unregulated–corporate and political greed and ghastly corruption therein;  And these people STILL, despite all of these atrocious facts, they do still continue to proselytize deregulation and laissez faire economic policies. So, is it that these people are so stupid as to have utterly no insight whatsoever, no basic, fundamental knowledge of history (or anything else for that matter (to wit, neo-celebrity Sara Palin), or is it that these people are simply thieving, unthinking, pathological, lying cogs that do nothing other than spread outright lies, or, as the press likes to euphemize, “misinformation,” as they simply clog up society as they literally ruin the world?  Maybe a bit of both!!  How charming!! The best part of all is that people just keep on voting for them, year after diabolical year.  Do you know why?  Obama once had it right:  In the name of Guns, Religion and their mind-bendingly hypocritical definitions of “freedom” and “liberty.”  Oh, and don’t forget the “god-given” “rights” to own high-powered assault weapons…

Christina Marlowe

And Finally, dear Editor, While I do appreciate your obvious efforts and I am altruistic to your cause, I am afraid that It’s all too little, too late.

History merely repeats itself.  The Corporate Takeover of our government, indeed of the entire globe, is complete. We the people either allowed it to happen because the indisputable fact is that most people are delusional to the point of sheer oblivion, or this, our world today, is merely what extinction of an entire species looks like at the tertiary stage;  I mean, first believing and then voting for the same criminals and sociopaths decade after decade.

Full-Scale Revolution is the ONLY thing left at this point;  The more distant future, however, what with considering the depletion of most resources necessary for the species’ survival, coupled with the unstoppable exponential overpopulation of the earth, it’s all too little, too late…The Idiot-Primates who really do think that they run this wretched little show are just common street whores and criminals; They will all get exactly what is coming to them, Karmically speaking.

In my view, it’s ALL too late, but I will still devotedly work to my very own demise to see the exceptionally Rapacious Primates, or, um, the CRIMINALS, ACTUALLY PROSECUTED for their unspeakable crimes. And then, full-Scale Revolution is the ONLY thing left at this point

And now I shall enclose just one more of my personal observations below, for your certain delight:

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This is an overall observation on the decline of human civilization. America is first, as usual; all other nations eventually follow it, straight down into the burning, fiery, cavernous pit of hell or, in an atheist world, extinction. This phenomenon that we are witnessing strikes me as quite similar to the major snafu by the Blue Angels one year in one of their air shows wherein the lead pilot miscalculated and, consequently, within a mere microsecond, the synchronization was irreparably ruined and each pilot that followed the lead pilot, went straight into the ground, each to their immediate deaths. Every single one of them.

As I see it painfully clearer all the time, one of my more startling conclusions about humans and human societies, is that what once had been just basic, general so-called human intelligence (nothing more, nothing less), basic human intelligence has nearly totally morphed, disintegrated and self-annihilated. It’s the oddest thing. What was once considered “basic” by most standards, has been usurped completely by Abject Stupidity. Furthermore, at this…Stupidity’s core…at it’s very foundation, it is a Stupidity so fundamentally base, so vile, so virulent, in it’s disease-like spreading and infectious qualities that, I do believe, it, this…Stupidity…has bred itself into a true, and perhaps even permanent, genetic mutation. It seems quite similar to the ongoing progression of the comorbid epidemics of obesity and diabetes. This current strain of, I’ll just call it “Viral Stupidity,” and I’ll now invent a new word here, “Stupidification,” the positive Stupidification of a whole race, i.e. the human race, is what I think will bring down the entire [godforsaken] species.

Curiously, I do conclude with relative certainty that Pathological Liars and Amoral Sociopaths comprise the overwhelming majority of the tiny ruling class; the ship of Errant Fools, on the other hand, are the astonishingly ignorant true believers, the Total Idiot Population. It is well-known, for example, at least by my own self, that outright lies, blatant and intentional trickery and casual deceit is the overarching rule…certainly not the exception. And in the constant bombardment of outlandish fabrications, preposterous confabulations, totally and intentionally false information, does serve the ruling criminal class by utterly stupefying it’s population; This bombardment baffles and utterly stymies the idiot class; the incredible and outright denial of facts and denial of actual reality has become the new “reality.” This confounding yet hysterically amusing phenomenon, I argue, has indeed been inbred to the point of a Total Idiot Population, (TIP hereon).

Plus, this devolution does not stop there. Moronic behavior, infantile narcissism, along with severely retarded Idiot-thoughts, are all traits now actually oddly revered and shamelessly bandied about in public. As an added part in this “stupidification” process, the TIPs who really shine, the ones that are so unbelievably stupid that they stand out hugely from the General Idiot Population (or GIP), on top of their bewildering stupidity, they are “rewarded” with sudden heaps of money thrown at them; when this happens, things really turn crazy: the unforgivably stupid people then willingly roll around in their own filthy…lucre…right in front of numerous cameras, as they proudly display their irredeemable brainlessness and now-complete imbecility for the entire world to see.
And then it’s the Japanese; and then everyone else, right on down the line; they all try their idiot-best to emulate the American idiots, to imitate them just like would monkeys.

And there is the human race. Right into oblivion. Squandered completely. Oh, and don’t forget the Idiot-American pastime, where there’s always bunches of felons throwing around some ball in a court or field, usually whining, acting like spoiled brats, bleating and moaning…generally just gigantic, overgrown really, totally undeveloped infant-men. Infant-men with very large…complexes.

In any case, there really are very few exceptions. The whole thing is a hideous spectacle as I watch the brains of an entire species devolve into nothing more than seeping MUD. Right before my very eyes. I must admit that the whole situation does occasionally drive me to drink, sometimes heavily.


Christina Marlowe


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