Simple Solutions for Total Government FAILURE…

1. STOP paying ALL taxes: Local, State, Federal

2. STOP paying ALL Banks and ALL “Insurance” companies (SCAM of epic proportions)


4. STOP Willingly Working as SLAVES



Complete Idiot’s Guide to Corporate Fascism: Enjoy!!

REPEAT: The ’leaders’ do NOT represent the people. Period. They are fully owned and fully run by global Corporations. Global Corporate Takeover.  That is the EXACT definition of a Fascist State.

WE are being Hung out to DRY.


Summary: More Deregulation and more privatization.

Conclusion: The ”leaders” are insane; Either they are or I am.

More Deregulation? And Finish off Privatization, too?

Between the many lines, PLEASE read this:

The ‘leaders’ do NOT represent the people. Period. They are fully owned and fully run by global Corporations. Global Corporate Takeover.

WE are being Hung out to DRY.

So!! Okay, then, I guess that would translate into a general vision of simply letting the peasants fight amongst themselves and finally kill each other off, once and for all. But first, let them all languish mired in debt and stuck in thankless and low-paying jobs for good measure.

Does any one else think that this is not a very good plan? Just wondering.

Any and all Speculation on the so-called ”BOSTON Bombings” are to be questioned and tossed aside.
This is EXACTLY what the Chinese government was doing to the people and to the demonstrators in 1989:  Feeding the people Lies constantly, so that NO one knew what was happening.  Just so you know.

On the So-Called Boston Bombing…PAY HEED

Any and all Speculation on the so-called ”BOSTON Bombings” are to be questioned and tossed aside. HERE:
This is EXACTLY what the Chinese government was doing to the people and to the demonstrators in 1989: Feeding them ALL Lies constantly, so that NO one knew what was happening. This is my personal experience with Revolution, FYI:

The Economist
China’s crackdown
Apr 24th 2011, 20:20

I was a college student in China for just over 3 months in 1989, right up to the brink of the final brutality at Tian An Men Square. I had been traveling from university to university during the many large and peaceful demonstrations throughout the cities and rural areas. When I finally got to Beijing University, it was late in May, 1989, where I stayed until June 4th. There were, as reported, over one million people in Tian An Men. Marshall Law had been declared some time in April, as I recall; students and workers alike, everywhere I went, were protesting Deng Xiao Ping’s government for more freedoms, most especially freedom of speech. The trains were often delayed for many hours due to protests, sometimes someone would strap themselves to a rail track in protest, and I remember clearly the hunger strikes. The government-run television stations altogether ignored any strife and robotically praised farmers for increases in rice, wheat or potato yields; they would also report on ”heroic activities;”  LIES, LIES, LIES

Well, I went back to China in 1992 as a graduate; I was an intern for an American college Professor who taught politics with an emphasis on US-USSR-PR China Relations (this was also my area of focus in my University and the main studies for which I received my college degree). An enormous amount had changed in the way of economic growth and development then as now, but certainly not for the issues of freedom of speech.

My third and final visit to China was in 1994-1995 as a University teacher. I chose a small fishing village called Weihai in the northeastern part of Shandong Province, right on the Yellow Sea. I was the first white person to live in that town; I was so foreign in fact, that many farmers (known as ”peasants”) asked me if I was Korean (since Korea is right across the Yellow Sea). My students were all, every one of them, from the countryside, which meant that they were all peasants. Well, the fact is that the peasants, which at that time comprised about 85% of China’s huge population (and most of China’s standing army, military) truly believe what they are told by the government, to a word. They have all been taught to fervently believe in Marxist economics, Mao Zedong Thought, Vladimir Lenin Communism; THEY BELIEVE ALL OF IT. This is a VAST POWER TO HOLD. This is precisely why Deng Xiao Ping was able to 1. Round up his loyal army, (all peasants from the countryside that had been told that there were some ”very bad people” trying to destroy their country)…2. place the [wildly-misinformed] soldiers in tanks, 3. TOTALLY ISOLATE all of them within the walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing, away from the protesters that might have been able to convince them of other ”realities”, and at last, 4. Use the army to crush, to literally roll over the protesters.




“American Dream”: Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police by Sarah Carlson

“American Dream”: Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police

Global Research, April 05, 2013

Hundreds of poor people waiting outside of a closed grocery store for the possibility of getting the remaining food is not the picture of the “American Dream.” Yet on March 23, outside the Laney Walker Supermarket in Augusta, Ga., that is exactly what happened.

Residents filled the parking lot with bags and baskets hoping to get some of the baby food, canned goods, noodles and other non-perishables. But a local church never came to pick up the food, as the storeowner prior to the eviction said they had arranged. By the time the people showed up for the food, what was left inside the premises—as with any eviction—came into the ownership of the property holder, SunTrust Bank.

The bank ordered the food to be loaded into dumpsters and hauled to a landfill instead of distributed. The people that gathered had to be restrained by police as they saw perfectly good food destroyed. Local Sheriff Richard Roundtree told the news “a potential for a riot was extremely high.”

“People got children out here that are hungry, thirsty,” local resident Robertstine Lambert told Fox54 in Augusta. “Why throw it away when you could be issuing it out?”

SunTrust bank is trying to confuse the issue and not take direct responsibility for their actions. Their media relations officer Mike McCoy, stated, “We are working with store suppliers as well as law enforcement to dispose of the remaining contents of the store and secure the building.” Yet he also said that the food never belonged to SunTrust Bank.

There is no need to sugar coat what happened. Teresa Russell, chief deputy of the Marshal’s Office in Richmond County, said the owner of the building ordered that the food be taken to the landfill. Some people even followed the truck to the landfill and were still turned away.

In Richmond County, there are about 20 evictions per day, and the area surrounding the supermarket is one of the poorest in the state. According to the last available data, the poverty rate is 41 percent. Many people in that parking lot probably knew all too well how evictions work, and were in desperate need of the food assistance.

This story is not some bizarre exception. It reeks of the truth of capitalism and is strikingly similar to the H&M scandal that broke in 2010 when clothes were being shredded before being thrown away, so as to make sure the value of the merchandise was unaffected.

In a capitalist society, the motive behind the production of food is not to feed people, housing is not made to give them shelter, clothing is not made to keep them warm, and health care is not offered primarily to keep people healthy. All of these things, which are and should be viewed as basic rights, are nothing other than commodities—to be bought and sold—from which to make a profit. If a profit cannot be made, usually due to overproduction in relation to the market, the commodity is considered useless by the capitalist and destroyed.

In this case, it appears the bank simply did not care. For the banks that have made their profits through evictions and foreclosures, it is little surprise that they showed no remorse in leaving people staring in disbelief, with empty bags, as they watched the food that could be feeding their families dumped into a landfill instead.

The Looting of Social Security by Allen W. Smith, PhD

SOCIAL SECURITY The Attempt to Kill It
by ALLEN W. SMITH, PH.D.  Author of The Looting of Social Security
The current Social Security “crisis” was made in Washington. It has
been 22 years in the making, and it is the handiwork of presidents and
Congresses (both Republicans and Democrats), the Cato Institute, the
Heritage Foundation, and many other individuals and organizations.
The actual solvency problem is not with the Social Security program.
It is with the government’s total budget. The 1983 payroll tax increase,
enacted on the recommendation of the National Commission on Social
Security Reform, headed by Alan Greenspan, took care of the baby
boomer problem. Taxes were raised high enough so that the baby-boom
generation paid the cost of the retirement of the generation that preceded
them, as was customary, and also prepaid most of the cost of their own
retirement, which was not customary. The 1983 tax increase generated
$1.7 trillion in Social Security surplus between 1984 and 2005, and it will
generate another $2 trillion between 2005 and 2017. This means that the
Social Security trust fund should have $3.7 trillion in real assets in 2017,
which would be enough to pay full Social Security benefits until 2041,
when the youngest of the baby boomers will be 77 years old.
The problem is that the government did not save and invest the
Socials Security surplus as it was supposed to do. Instead, it “borrowed”
and spent (embezzled) every dollar of the Social Security surplus,
replacing the money with worthless non-marketable special issue
government IOUs. This means that Social Security will not have that $3.7
trillion reserve to help pay Social Security benefits between 2017 and
2041, unless the government pays back the looted money. The only way
the government could repay the money is by enacting into law hefty tax
increases, borrowing massive additional amounts from the public, or
cutting spending.
It would be bad enough if this were the only problem facing Social
Security, but it is not. In 1983, the same year that Social Security was
“fixed,” members of the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation drew
up a long-term plan for privatizing Social Security. They published their
plan, entitled “Achieving A Leninist Strategy” in the Fall 1983 issue of
Cato Journal. This plan served as the foundation upon which a powerful
movement to destroy the current Social Security system, and replace it
with private accounts, was built over the years. with private accounts, was built over the years.
The goal was to have a privatization plan waiting in the wings when
the next Social Security crisis came along. Apparently the enemies of
Social Security became impatient waiting for a true crisis to come and
convinced President George W. Bush to create an artificial crisis in the
minds of the American public. Bush has done a good job of casting
doubts on the long-term solvency of Social Security as part of the plan to
privatize the program.
The real crisis is not about Social Security. The real crisis is a crisis
of fraud and credibility with the United States government. A plot to
destroy Social Security, that was initially created by people at the Cato
Institute and the Heritage Foundation, now includes the participation of
the President of the United States, many members of Congress, and many
other conservative organizations.
My previous book, The Looting of Social Security: How The
Government Is Draining America’s Retirement Account (Carroll & Graf,
2004) covers the details of what happened to the Social Security surplus
money that is supposed to be in the trust fund. This book picks up where
that book left off. It exposes the 22-year old plot to circumvent the
American democratic process and build a strategy to dismantle the current
Social Security system and replace it with private accounts, despite the
fact that the majority of Americans support the current system.
Copyright yright .
2005 by Allen W. Smith
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, except for brief
reviews, without written permission from the publisher. All inquiries should be
addressed to Ironwood Publications, P.O. Box 1397, Winter Haven, FL 33882-1397
The Big Lie
The Looting of Social Security
The Alleged Budget Surplus, Social Security & Voodoo
The Book That Makes Economics Accessible to Everyone
Understanding Economics

World Bank and IMF G20 Meeting, April 21st 2013…On POVERTY

The World Bank and the IMF, huh?  Yeah…Okay.   The fact of the matter is that if these so-called Leaders truly cared anything at all about Poverty, then why do they actually engineer poverty themselves?  For your information,  The World Bank and the IMF exist solely and operate exclusively to Plunder (STEAL) other countries’ resources for their corporate partners.  Who believes ANY of this stuff?  READ:  Confessions of An Economic Hitman by John Perkins, an ex-World Bank Loan Shark, for one.  There is also an excellent documentary series called SPEAKING FREELY in several parts;  Each part interviews people that have been either on the inside of these monstrous Criminal Institutions, or trying to expose the Criminals.  Series include John Perkins, Chalmers Johnson, and several others.  The series are all freely available on both Netflix and Utube, for anyone who really cares or wants to know the actual truth.