On the Global Corporate Takeover…

The corporate onslaught to thoroughly deregulate all industries and enslave the workers has been in the making for over four decades, beginning with Carter, who deregulated the entire transportation industry; And every administration since Carter, all the way down the line and in lock-step.

Yes, thanks largely to DEREGULATION of all industry, the chasm is so vastly widening and obviously so; The criminal conspiracy on Wall Street that brought this country to it’s knees, and the government’s complicity and it’s thoroughly unnecessary and horribly draconian cuts to ALL of the most crucial and the most fundamental aspects to any “civilized” society, i.e. education, health care, food and shelter, have utterly shattered so many lives it’s unspeakable.

In my 45 years here on earth, most of my time here in America, I have never before witnessed such reckless and such foreseeable decimation of an entire society. All that had once been great about this, my own country, has been literally squandered to unimaginable ruins by the insanely myopic, thoroughly shortsighted decisions, designs and policies of the self-absorbed, infantile and stupid-to-the-core politicians. It’s nothing more than a game to these people; Almost every single one of these worse-than-useless government hacks and their flunkies are nothing more than base prostitutes, so glaringly whoring everything to the ghastly and obscene corporate empires that are quite literally running every single industry straight through the ground and into hell; and they do it in broad daylight, without a single thought and with absolutely no conscience whatsoever. Actual FACTS mean NOTHING to the likes of these these people, as they are thoroughly self-important, self-centered, greedy, stingy and covetous cretins, not to mention pathological liars and sociopaths. Just like undeveloped two-year-olds fighting over a cheap plastic toy.

The stupidification process, too, is now complete. The fact is that the vast majority of voters here in America know absolutely nothing about any subject whatsoever; the overwhelming majority are totally and jaw-droppingly ignorant. Total morons with utterly no class. And I do think that this level of sheer stupidity has become a genetic mutation, just as have obesity and diabetes.

Reality television shows, for example, have usurped learnedness; knowledge of basic subjects such as history and philosophy has disappeared into a sucking black hole. Reality television invariably display shameless and curiously proud ignorance and stupidity. Monetary gain is the carrot, as the perverted voyeurs delight in watching profound mental problems, and severe personality disorders unfold in front of cameras for all the world to see. That is what is left of America. Interesting experiment: Just throw a ton of money at the poor white trash and watch the show…


5 thoughts on “On the Global Corporate Takeover…

  1. Yeah, same here, Michael. FUCK THEM ALL.


  2. Michael, So glad to hear from you!! KEEP UP THE WORK!! agree with you on every point…THANK YOU!!!


    • hi christina, you are welcome and as far as keeping on goes as long as i am still breathing i am going to keep up with it. i sure as hell wish we could get mainstream media to report the truth instead of propaganda as the sheep only knows the shit they are fed, and ain’t got enough sense to come in out of the rain when it’s pouring. take care and keep in touch.


  3. now back to the subject you were writing about, it took around 120 150 years to dumb down the american people to the point they are almost as dumb as the mentally retarded patients you see with spit drooling out of the corner of their mouths. fucking t.v with people watching shit like jerry springer american housewives and dancing with the queers not to mention the dumbed down media and the all time favorite of the retarded population drum roll please FOX NEWS! if people are stupid enough to have children in this day and age lets just hope they school them at home where they may just maybe learn something other than the gibberish that passes for an education today.


  4. well i’ve heard lots of people say they gonna settle down you don’t see their faces and they don’t come around well i’m not that way i’ve got to move along i like to drink and dance all night comes to a fix not afraid to fight you got that right said you got that right you sho got that right . a lot of times i wonder about that plane running out of fuel when they were coming to louisiana, ronnie van zant told the truth and did not give a damn who heard it, reminds me of you. how you been? i have a lot of problems with my email account every time i talk with you and that has me worried for you as somebody damned sure trying to keep you from getting your message out. check out the amped site i just got through writing a rant on there and i have gotten to the point where i do not give a flying fuck anymore. take care christina and keep in touch, michael


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