What IS Government?

I disagree with any and all forms of corporate governance.

I disagree with American Imperialism.
I disagree with WAR and the other many Tools used, such as the IMF and the World Bank;  Tools designed, formed and implemented SOLELY to impudently STEAL the resources of other presumably sovereign nations.
I disagree with any government that so blatantly represents Corporate interests and the ghastly wealth therein over any and all interests of “We the People,” the tax-paying citizens of the United States.
It is simply criminal and totally contemptible how any government “employees” are conducting themselves. And let us remember the fact that these “employees” are there ONLY to represent OUR interests;  The interests of the Common Good;  The interests of the United States’ Citizenry.  The TAXPAYERS..
These government agencies and the elected workers within them are decidedly NOT elected to be mere props who LIE to the citizens.  And who represent,  de facto,  the Corporate interests.
It is MOST egregious, indeed, that ANY government would represent, to the point of collaboration, Wealthy Corporations directly at the Enormous expense {THEFT] of the average U.S. Citizen, not to mention the poor, the needy, the elderly, the working-poor, the disabled and the obliterated Middle-Class-Cum-Slave-Class.
The facts, however, remain.  The sole function, the Raison D’être, for every form of government is to represent the common interest of the electorate.  Therefore, it is indeed AMORAL and utterly unconscionable what government  “officials” are in FACT doing to…WE THE PEOPLE, the very ones who’ve apparently been naive enough to have entrusted these “people”  in OUR Government to “DO THE RIGHT THING.”
America is in no way, shape or form “civilized;”  America is One Gigantic, Laughable LIE and I will no longer support or endorse such a disgracefully corrupt and decidedly Callous, Blind, and Racist [joke of a] government.

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