Ah, yes…Well!!   The term”crazy” is so phenomenally and insanely subjective.  Ha.

So, What is Insanity?  I myself am not clear on what “others” mean by “insanity.”  To me, I guess it is simply a different realm;  of thinking, of  perception;  A different perspective;  Or an altogether different reality.  Hmm.  Interesting.

So, let me think…The term insanity, along with the [almost always negative] connotations that have been attached to it,  is usually used so abstractly;  And, to boot, it is a term used and intended to be interpreted roundly as negative;  The great irony, though, is that the very ones using the term “insanity” toward some unknown factor perhaps are  really just truly inferior;   They Can’t.  Ever.  Quite.  Grasp.  Things.  And especially things that are not “easy” to “understand.”  As I write, I think.

Also, I think, “Insanity” is often used by the truly simpleminded;  As the simpleton’s strenuous-yet-still-pedestrian attempt to “explain”  the quite “unexplainable,”  or  even, for the even more “impaired” thinkers (before there was so-called political correctness, we just called them the Retarded) ,  the Retarded ones will attempt to to pigeonhole or scapegoat.  Anyway, so this must mean that the term “insanity”  is the most convenient term, and the easiest to use for even the idiot-child.

Okay, then…I’m thinking.   “Insanity” is used as a typical explanation for “things” that simple-minded people thoroughly fail to comprehend.  OH!!!  The frustrated, angry, confused  simpleton does not have the CAPACITY to understand or to comprehend anything…but… it’s own true dumbness.  Hey… We are not talking about the intelligentsia, let’s put it that way.

I’ll keep going.  So, now, since any simpleton fails thoroughly to comprehend,  even slightly,  any thing or any one, or any idea that is not EASY to EXPLAIN;   In the simpleton’s  low-tolerance for frustration and difficult endeavors,  they resort to the old  “You’re CRAZY.”   And I think that they must clench their fists very tightly, too.

Here’s another more concrete example:  When a pedestrian mind Cannot… for the life of them…”Understand,” say, theories of Quanta or… okay, let’s keep it simple for the dull who might read this…the understanding of human existence.  They’ll read the Bible…and then  always pick the easiest lines to remember and repeat.

Some people in society continually attempt to define insanity;  Like hamsters on a wheel.  The really insane ones, or maybe they’re just  kind of stupid,  they think that they are “right” in their definition.  Yet, I am only too glad to point out that “Theory”  IS  “Autobiography.”  Thereby in the very attempt to define X,  the resulting definition(s) of X portray and reflect volumes more about the person doing the defining,  than X,  the object or theory attempting to be defined.



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