Misogyny Often Comes with A Ready-Slick Smile…


I really do think that most men on earth, except for a very, very few, (presumably Atheists);  But most Religious men truly don’t want to know what women think.  They do not want a woman to think.  Or speak.  About anything.  These Men want very much for women to keep their mouths shut;  In fact, they Hate women’s…Opinions.  Thoughts. They Hate that. What they really want is the submissive, illiterate, ignorant, “Stepford?” woman who won’t ever get the chance to know enough to ask any questions.  They want women-chattle.  The Men of the world want illiterate, submissive, zombie-slaves;  The man himself proclaims very clearly that he is entitled and has every right to 1.  cut off your hair;  2.  Rape You;  3.  Stone You to Death;  Beat you;  Set you on fire;  Mutilate you;  Countless examples, worldwide.

Hell… Man will even shred an empty Budweiser can to cut you in the face and THEN strangle you to death.  And then run you over a few times in the car and dump your body in the lake. ” “Entitled” to do WHAT?!?!? ”  I ask…

Another really good reason to be an Atheist.

“not all men think like that Christina, personally i would rather a woman have a brain and independence. i am not atheist, but have no religion, nor believe in a god.”


Yes, Michael, but YOU are one of the very FEW to which I refer.  And plus, I just spoke with my Baptist Pastor friend.  When I posited such questions as “But just WHAT IF NONE OF IT IS TRUE?”  “But what IF it IS all a LIE?”

And, true to form, rather than engaging in meaningful discourse, rather than say, taking on the questions and stating facts; rather than careful consideration, he instead resorted to calling me names; Further he began by saying that I’m 1. Crazy; 2. Spiritually Diseased (What I’m the DEVIL?); and 3. Stupid.

So his rote response is thoroughly typical and defines nicely the term Misogyny: Petty Name-calling and Infantile fits of Anger.  See?  That is the definition EXACTLY of Misogyy, and EVERY religion is based firmly around it.  So!!  Q: Is it that for my mere thoughts alone, men around the world would burn me at the stake?  Stone me to death? Cut off my hair? Beat me? Rape me?  A: YES.  The answer is YES.

John Lennon had it RIGHT:

“Women are the N______s of the world.”


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