The Old Elephant in the Room…

Allow ME to introduce the ENORMOUS elephant in the room to the so-called leaders, the voters and to All people who are still busily signing worthless petitions and endlessly “campaigning” for NOTHING.

 It is Fascist America, and ALL it’s Foreign and Domestic Policies, that are directly responsible for the ruination of everything and everyone on earth.  You are ALL to blame. And the lunatics in office set us all up deliberately.

Stupid contrived side “issues” do  serve to keep Idiot-America Insanely Ignorant and totally DISTRACTED…As the criminal parasites in this JOKE of a government, Continue to ROB US ALL BLIND.

Read an elementary history book; America is constantly in danger of attacks by foreign countries because it is AMERICA that reaches it’s filthy tentacles around the globe, impudently stealing other countries’ resources, literally enslaving and Repeatedly RAPING the people; All whilst forcing it’s vile form of dictatorship and twisted, loathsome and hypocritical “values,” onto innocent victims everywhere on this godforsaken planet. And in the name of “DEMOCRACY.” What a FARCE.

U.S. foreign policy incentivizes ghastly Wars; And the very Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned AGAINST is entrenched and massively profitable. The United States is NOT an innocent VICTIM; Indeed the low-down bastards that have willfully and intentionally squandered every single DECENT thing that has been fought for in the last 200 years, had been ASKING FOR IT.

How can a WAR-MONGERING country, the UNITED STATES, expect to keep on spreading it’s pathological LIES all across the entire world without any protest?!? Well, thanks largely to America’s brainwashed, astonishingly ignorant, wildly misinformed, downright stupid, self-righteous, sanctimonious, voting base, it’s really no wonder; Just like Pavlov’s dog, “Patriotic” [delusional] fools keep right on voting.

The United States of America has been invading every corner on earth by way of ANY MEANS NECESSARY, usually by way of UNENDING QUAGMIRES in the most UNSTABLE parts of the world for total extraction, i.e. STEALING, of any and all resources possible in order to satiate America’s insatiable appetite for so-called GREATNESS. Well, Oscar Wilde wrote, “Patriotism is a Virtue of the Vicious.” And Winston Churchill said, “The best argument AGAINST Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” They were both right.

The fact of the matter is that America, Land of the FREE, Land of OPPORTUNITY; What a JOKE. The FACT is that America ranks at the VERY BOTTOM of every imaginable demographic chart, Well below every other “developed” country in the world. America is now on par with Cameroon, Uganda, the Ivory Coast of Africa in Wealth and income INEQUALITY. Welcome to America!! 

Oh!!  By the way…When a sleeping Elephant awakens to a threat,  the elephant gorges it’s attacker with it’s huge tusks, then, with all it’s strength, slams the attacker to the ground, steps on it mightily with it’s enormous foot, and  then, for good measure,  the elephant crushes it’s attacker  to death with it’s 2,000 pound skull.  Good.



2 thoughts on “The Old Elephant in the Room…

  1. McCain is a derelict and a war criminal…


  2. Willard Oaf Duckling Jr says:

    McCain knows about kleptocracy from Bonano, Keating, and Dioguardi. He also steals Jeremiah Denton’s aura – McCain sold us out for cushy treatment at the Hanoi Hilton


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