The Guardian: Obama Says “America Must Always Lead”…

“America Must Lead????” F*%#! YOU!!!! Who in hell are YOU??? Who on earth ARE these people???

Begin to starkly realize that our own governments are INDEED The Enemy: They are War Profiteers, Bankster Criminals, Fraudsters, Narcokleptocracies and Worse.

And as people begin to awaken to that Truth, the truth that they are using, stealing, our tax dollars to fund murderous Wars of Aggression, Crimes Against Humanity, Bank Fraud of Epic Proportions; And that Only the Trillionaire Titans of Industry, including the hugely profitable industry of WAR, Continual War, War for seventy years; And comprehend that Politicians are Nothing BUT paid off, bought off, Spineless HACKS; Kowtowing to the cretinous thugs in the corporate and banking cartels, who are also, in fact, responsible for steering us all into financial ruination…

When people start to realize that America itself is one gigantic lie, then it becomes necessary to be patient for a day of great Reckoning.

So, while we all wait patiently for a day of great Reckoning, I urge, meanwhile, the Total Confrontation of ALL Dreaded Facts and the ENTIRE Godawful Truth; Every bloody shred.

Many [Americans] are LOATHE to confront…THAT, I think.


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