I hope to god that there will come a day when the poor men and women in the U.S. Military will just tell their “commanders” to go F___ themselves.

The soldiers are used as nothing but cannon fodder by the venal cabal that has perpetuated American Wars since WWII;  That’s continual American Invasions, Occupations, Coups, World WAR, for more than 70 years.

We All have been thoroughly brainwashed with Patriotism/Nationalism from the cradle to the grave by the American Propaganda Machine.  But PLEASE.  Wake the fuck up.

So, To the soldiers engaged in fighting on behalf of wealthy assholes that do not give a FUCK about ANY of YOU;  To You who forever fight these endless, needless, heinous, atrocious Wars of American Aggression;   To the soldiers who are blown to bits, arms and legs blown off,  brains splattered or irreparably damaged, paralyzed, dead, or worse;  Then left to die scraping at the pavement of the hospital parking lot after having been refused treatment at the local VA;  All You Soldiers with all your your brains scrambled and most of your limbs blown off; To the soldiers who’ve been duped into thinking that they are “Patriots” and “Heroes;”  so Valiantly fighting on behalf of sadistic and insane American Dictators who want nothing but non-stop Wars of Aggression, Invasion and permanent Occupation in order to steal other sovereign nations resources and lock all into debt and continue stealing everything in sight…including your own money.

And All in the name of  “Freedom, Liberty and Democracy.”  What a fucking FARCE.





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