So!! Rand Paul wants to be President, huh? That’s amusing, but President of What? Just like his self-proclaimed Libertarian, Pro-Life Christian Idiot-Father, Rand Paul wants to have it both ways. He too shamelessly panders to the stupidest and most dangerous Idiot-Zealots in America, the walleyed R-Wing Christian Fundamentalists; He too is Pro-Life–Um…How in HELL is THAT Laissez-Faire “Libertarian??”

Uh, this idiot-brat was born with a silver spoon up his ASS. Of COURSE!!

I’ll just paste this old letter that I had sent to the Ron Paul campaign, which was filled with the same duplicitous claptrap as the Idiot-Child, Rand Paul:

Ron Paul’s most egregious and unforgivable stances that I RESENT in ANY CANDIDATE are the following, which all prove to me beyond any doubt that he is nothing more than A DIRTY LITTLE WINDBAG:

1. His statements on Civil Rights are beyond Racist. In fact, he is a thoroughly unapologetic Racist saying such incendiary and, yes, RACIST remarks as this, “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began,” in reference to the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles: He has made countless similar statements and then Blatantly LIES and lamely backpedals. He is a duplicitous moron.
2. He is Pro-Life; That ALONE is enough for me to say directly to him “Mind your own goddamned business and get the f$#@ out of my face.” And if that’s not enough, there is always the next “issue.”
3. He actively courts and shamelessly panders to the most dangerous of all Religious Zealots, the R-Wing fundamentalist “Christians,” not to mention his appearances at [filthy] John Birch Society events.
So!! The fact of the matter is that any presidential contender that puts religion on the table is OUT. These crazed lunatics are constantly playing a game of one-upmanship as to whom has more faith in god whilst the word “god” should never, ever, enter the political arena at all. The most omnipresent danger in politics is religion–and time after time, particularly with the fanatical right-wing conservatives, it, religion, or ABORTION–seems to be at the forefront; and this is indeed dangerous. And the dirty little windbag, RON PAUL, is no different!!
And today, Control-Freak Rand Paul is no different either.


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