No, Virginia, There is No Santa Claus…

This writing explains my old line thoughts, which are still my current thoughts.  I am choosing to reply to an angry spambot’s message, so here:

Make no mistake: I am and always have been simply disgusted with ALL variations of mind control, including All forms of religion.  Some religious beliefs are so astonishing that they are indeed amusing, but all religion is ClapTrap.  Dangerous Claptrap.   To the spambot’s question as to why I don’t rant and rave about Atheism:  Look, Atheists are assholes too.  And  I do, as a matter of fact, include Atheism as conked and whacked out as well.  Atheism is Dogma too.

I make wide-swathing blanket statements about every group of people to make general points; There are always exceptions and I may be right or may be wrong; With new information, however, my opinions and viewpoints can and do change.  I do find that most do not like facts, but in the words of Gore Vidal, “…One is not loved for being helpful,” referring to pointing out contradictions and outright Lies which are found under every… filthy rock.

A note then on Atheists as a whole, based on my own scant observations:  Atheists seem to be ignorantly Arrogant, backwardly condescending, self-righteous;  Feverish with the same exact religious zealotry that I myself disdain.  So, No, I am not an Atheist.

Anyway,   Yes!!   The Zionists are the Muslims inside and out;   The White Christians of America are indeed the de facto KKK;  they are just as dangerous, plus they are amongst the dumbest of animals;   They are ALL 100% GUILTY and I loathe every one of them and every last bit of “IT.”

So, that means that I personally, having Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom from all forms of Tyranny, I am perfectly free to loathe any one and anything that I see deserving of my contempt.  as filthy and destructive…LIES. I do not like brainwashing techniques on any level. Read “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays.

And no, I do not get along well in this world at all and I never will based on my own observations; My 45 years on this earth entitle ME to state what I SEE with my own EYES; I’ve done time and I’ve spent it in sharp focus on the rapacious human animal; And each one proves all of my points again and again: The absolute majority of human “people” are filthy animals. The rich ones enjoy rolling around like hogs in their own filth. There are very few exceptions. Period.

Further, No, I am not a Communist; That system is a total, abject failure as well. I am nothing, not Democrat, nothing because each of the two parties in this illusory duopoly, has utterly betrayed the very citizens whom they were entrusted to represent.
America? Goddamn America. It, America, founded on Genocide and Slavery, is of course, a travesty. And, YES, there is indeed an infinite list of Atrocities committed by this government, that has fully earned my loathing and has thoroughly engendered my angry contempt.

And No, there is no where else that I would live because the rapacious, primitive leaders in all countries, have ruined every other place on earth as well.
There is simply very little, if anything, left to love, admire or respect about this Warmongering and truly despicable and horrible government.

Furthermore, if I could do it single-handedly, without any threat of imprisonment, I personally would forcibly yank these filthy parasites, D and R, et al, they are the same, I’d yank them out of their grand offices, right by their hair and then I’d drop each one of them, smack dab right in the middle of any one of the many poor , abandoned ghettos, yes, of the many totally neglected and thoroughly blighted wastelands within this godforsaken country, America, And I’d leave them naked on the dirty pavement to fend for themselves from the seething mobs.

No, I am certainly not an anarchist either. I believe in government a working and transparent government in a Democratic state; That is to say, a government that works for all citizens, not just the rich ones; A legitimate governance of the people, by the people and for the people, is the only one I know of; Yet, if and when the people, both the voters and the government representing the voters, become lazy and ignore the signs of corruption, thus they allow unceasing and now thorough corruption,, as the US citizens by and large all have for decades now, the entire system breaks down. And here we are; At the core, absolute Vigilance is required by the citizens, that is to say, they all must pay close attention to what the governing body is actually doing; and particularly, whose interests are actually being represented by these elected people. Too late now, for the public has been asleep at the switch and now the entire system is in fact Corrupt.

To be clear: I believe strongly in fair taxation if and only if the money is spent for the total abolition of Poverty in America; for the building and maintenance of infrastructure; Education for all citizens; Direct access to Health Care for all citizens, which will include the total elimination of “health care insurance;” And for the Programs that benefit the Common Good, that which has not been considered at all by this or any other government since the days of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. BTW, Every single issue fought for EVER, e.g. worker’s rights, civil rights, Every thing Now Squandered completely. Down the Drain.

No. I am not even leaning slightly toward Communist. That is Fascism and so is THIS in America. So, Socialist, if you must use such tired and old labels, Socialist is the closest proximate term and most appropriate to describe my ideology. Utopia? No, no, no. I am not delusional. What I say is that in the richest nation on earth, there is absolutely no excuse for any poverty. Period. Every one that works MUST, by definition, be Paid a LIVING WAGE. In other words, no slavery. Progressive taxation and NO OBSCENE Wealth allowed. Period. NO ONE is “worth” these kinds of appalling figures, in the billions and trillions. It is GHASTLY. And As a society, the total reset, reevaluation of what is actually tangibly valuable must occur. Financiers and bankers are WORTHLESS. THEY bring Society NOTHING. thus it is THEY who are the DREGS of Society. Therefore, “they” GET NOTHING because they are WORTHLESS. Teachers, Fire Department, REAL CONTRIBUTORS to society will be paid well and will be respected and their salaries, as every one else’s will be commensurate with their actual contributions to the Common Good.

KNOWLEDGE and Useful Skills are GOOD; Therefore, knowledge and skills are to be deemed VALUABLE. Reality television, for example, as with all the other narcissistic and idiotic worthlessness, in general, is to be viewed by society with nothing other than pure disdain and utter contempt, because it is all disdainful and it is all contemptible. Sports? Fine. They the athletes are to be paid for their talent and effort; But that doesn’t amount to more than, say a TEACHER. And That, my dear, is Just for starters.

SO!! Can the Pope, as he wanders around Vatican City wearing his silk robes, living like a KING, hear the shrieks from the doomed, neglected and pitiful masses? No?!? How about the wretched, plaintive wails from all the starving children whom are, by HIS command, FORCED to be BORN? Yeah…I thought so.

ALL Religion is LAUGHABLE; Religion amounts to the absolute suppression of knowledge, the steady denial of science, denial of FACTS and Reality, and a totally willful surrender of logic and reason; All of which equals Stunning Ignorance and Profound Stupidity.By my witnessing the absolutely reprehensible behavior and deranged beliefs by and of the most dogmatic right-wing fundamentalist religious types of every stripe, I come to believe more than ever that ALL religion is the veritable root of PURE EVIL.

Furthermore, the fact of the matter is that it is decidedly and inarguably the “religious” Right, i.e. the REPUBLICANS, that spew that utter nonsense, Religion.

On the other hand, the Democrats just tiptoe around religion, never wanting to offend potential voters. It seems that one is either a stark-raving hypocrite or a thorough and unforgivable coward, whimpering away pathetically with its tail between its legs.

I choose to be none of the above; I disagree with religion in politics in its entirety; whether it’s on the demonic, utterly stingy, greedy, self-serving, contemptible, R-wing conservative side, or on the lily-livered, weak and incredibly ineffectual L-wing side.

To the Democrats: I hate weakness of character and wishy-washy attempts to appease everyone, even SATAN.

SO, Stand up on the side of RIGHT, like those who lived before us–Martin Luther King, Jr., for one. But then, you see, every time the truly righteous people try to lead, one of the hypocritical, gun-toting, R-wing NUTBAGS puts a bullet in their heads!! And That is a REPUBLICAN TRAIT.

So, in the end, I’d rather cast my lot with NICE people who want to HELP the needy, not leave them suffering…

From the very beginning of recorded [human] history, each known civilization has been filled with ethical codes delineating moral conduct. Well before the bible ever came about, well before the ten commandments were written, nearly every recorded society had a set of bylaws by which to live and conduct oneself. In most cases, these codes, rules, bylaws, guidelines, however you wish to define them, had nothing to do with religion. The bible’s ten commandments, in other words, were not of original thought by some great master moralist. I prefer to live by the most basic common sense, lessons learned in the course of life, reading books of all genres, opinions, thoughts, etc. and I’ve come to my very own conclusions… As a matter of discourse, I’ve enclosed my own advice as to how to live one’s life:

As to the general subject of ethics and morality, I think the 14th Dalai Lama had it right; He said “My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.”

I find it hugely important and imperative to make constant judgements about everything and everyone. It’s called survival and if someone actually thinks that being judgmental is a “bad” thing, they don’t learn… very well. It’s a simple and highly useful tool for survival.

Hold each person absolutely responsible for their words, commitments, actions; If someone says they will do something, hold them to it. If they don’t do it, extricate, extricate, extricate. If their words and their actions don’t mesh, don’t bother. Don’t give second chances and, NEVER give third chances. After all, what you see is what you get. That is it.






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