The Economist: Religion and the US armed forces One army under God?

In response to the below article in The Economist:

Religion and the US armed forces
One army under God?
Why new strains of fundamentalism are said to be gaining ground in the services


I think that the most apt term is Brainwashing. Yes, brainwashing has been used throughout the ages via a myriad of tactics. One is Patriotism, Nationalism; Being taught that America (or which ever country) is Great, Superior; Also, it builds a military that won’t ask questions as they are deluded into thinking that they are Patriots and Heroes.

The other major brainwashing tool is, of course, Religion. All Religions amount to brainwashing. Period. Religion is a tool used for the the overt and deliberate suppression of knowledge, including the sciences; And the forceful suppression of actual Facts. And people sign up to fight in endless and venal WARS in droves to get blown to smithereens…In the name of god and country.

Indeed, both Patriotism and Religion have been HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Tools, and both do serve to positively fortify the desired effect of Total, Abject Ignorance which is, of course, the ABSOLUTE KEY in the game of mind control; Pacification through Religion and the tireless campaigns of keeping people insanely ignorant and always distracted so that the Robber Barons can continue to rob us all blind.
Further, the outright LIES which are found throughout all religions, serve as a highly useful vehicle for virulent, abject hatred so that the minions will fight the masters ghastly Wars to the bitter end; The constantly-fomented Hatred is almost entirely produced by base ignorance; And that core, base ignorance serves this government very well indeed.
Every technique to distract the populace is used; Mass media, which of course is wholly owned thereby entirely controlled by CORPORATE governance; Thus, the media outlets report NOTHING useful and everything asinine and inane. No matter the technique, All are forms of intentional trickery.
Religion though, again, has worked like a charm since the day it was invented and written down (by MEN, (as opposed to BY GOD)), and Religion is still, bar none, the most highly effective tool for TOTAL mind control today. Well, there WAS the period in history known as the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment… Well, We all know about THAT part of history, don’t we? CRUSHED IMMEDIATELY and THOROUGHLY BY (GUESS WHO); Replaced with RELIGION, NEVER TO SURFACE Widely AGAIN.
As the true “believers” continue to force their psychotic “beliefs” and their twisted “principles” on the rest of the world, typically through crusading, proselytizing, threatening, terrorizing and, as we have seen throughout recorded history, WARS. And In the name of…GOD. What a TRAVESTY.
Mind control is a disgusting game in which I shall not participate. Money-based, tax-exempt and fear-driven, that is religion, each and every one of them. All that has been conjured and feverishly written by men in men’s own image is a disgusting sham. Any concept of a good god, once touched by it’s delusional and rabid devotees, has been forever morphed into a grotesque, hateful, despicable, brutal and, don’t forget misogynistic, fallacy.
MONEY-BASED and TAX-EXEMPT!! How can religions, these multi-trillion-dollar industries, be totally exempt from paying both federal and state taxes that, by the way, would indeed go to programs that help the needy, the poor, and the down-trodden among us? Isn’t that a large part for which these pious religious institutions have been created? To help the poor and needy and downtrodden among us?
RELIGION ITSELF is the PROBLEM. These self-deluding, impudent, contemptible Monsters who cloister themselves behind the evil cloak of [Money-based, Tax-Exempt] Religion, um, MIND CONTROL know nothing at all about human kindness, open-handed generosity, sacrifice for the sake of others, service for the good of all, humility, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness.
Witness: Actual FACTS become Horrid LIES; Actual History is morphed into Insane and Totally Contradictory Parodies. Rapacious IDIOT-PRIMATES filling their wicked minds with GOD KNOWS WHAT, as their very personalities, right along with their muddy brains, atrophy; They’ve all become loathsome and unforgivably stupid and dangerous animals; And they are NOT innocent, by the way.


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