Thoughts On Society and Revolution…October 8th, 2014

October 8th, 2014


Blah, blah, blah

Thank you for your thoughtful and considered response on the Human Dilemma, for one. I appreciate your sharing your observations.

Both Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. knew very well that WE–Each of US–must BE the world we would like to see or to create.
Individually, we are all 100% responsible and accountable for every single action and, conversely, every inaction, that we decide while living here on earth;

Collectively, we are all 100% responsible and accountable for what we, as a group, put forth as cornerstones, as the foundation of our society;

The goal then being the successful creation of a relatively stable, mutually respectful, well-adjusted, healthy, mindful, educated, altruistic, compassionate, and honest citizenry; One which can and does assess itself often and with earnest integrity.

One may judge, as I myself most certainly judge my own, a particular society on, say, how it’s collective members look upon and treat its most unfortunate, most vulnerable, and weakest members.

There are those among us who believe it best to simply let nature take its course; Let the weakest fend for themselves and eventually they’ll die off; Survival of the fittest, Natural selection, etc. etc.

There is, on the flip side, a group among us who believe, as I myself do, that we are all responsible for each other; So, We are all responsible for inspiring individual success; We are then also responsible for cultivating genuine humility; We are all responsible for acknowledging and actively encouraging all others’ altruism, i.e. real contributions to society as a whole.

To be clear: I believe strongly in fair taxation if and only if the money is spent for the total abolition of Poverty in America; for the building and maintenance of infrastructure; Education for all citizens; Direct access to Health Care for all citizens, which will include the total elimination of “health care insurance;” And for the Programs that benefit the Common Good, that which has not been considered at all by this or any other government since the days of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

And No. I am not even leaning slightly toward Communist. That is Fascism and so is THIS in America. What I say is that in the richest nation on earth, there is absolutely no excuse for any poverty. Period. Every one that works MUST, by definition, be Paid a LIVING WAGE. In other words, no slavery.

Progressive taxation and NO OBSCENE Wealth allowed. Period. NO ONE–NOT ONE PERSON– is “worth” these kinds of appalling figures, in the billions and trillions. It is GHASTLY. And As a society, the total reset, reevaluation of what is actually tangibly valuable must occur.

Financiers and bankers are WORTHLESS. THEY bring Society NOTHING. thus it is THEY who are the DREGS of Society. Therefore, “they” GET NOTHING because they are WORTHLESS.

Teachers, Doctors, REAL CONTRIBUTORS to society will be paid well and will be respected and their salaries, as every one else’s will be commensurate with their actual contributions to the Common Good.

KNOWLEDGE and Useful Skills are GOOD; Therefore, knowledge and skills are to be deemed VALUABLE.

Reality television, on the other hand, as with all the other narcissistic and idiotic worthlessness, in general, is to be viewed by society with nothing other than pure disdain and utter contempt, because it is all disdainful and it is all contemptible.

We MUST re-evaluate and re-define what is “VALUABLE.”


Blah, blah, blah


Christina Marlowe

Thank you for your response, though you’re wrong in your assumptions on all of my stances.

Here, let me clarify:

First, No, I do NOT believe AT ALL in reliance on ANY form of government, whether Large or Small, Federal or State.

You write this: “Yours, the old fashioned way, the way humans have done it for all recorded human history, by law, by the top down, by command and authority.”

More, Point by point:

1. Laws, you say? Whose Laws? Written by and for whom? Like Hell.
2. Authority? HELL No. Whose “Authority” and by whose rules and commands? Sure.
3. Top Down? NO. NO. NO. WRONG.

The Parasites, to be clear, ARE indeed the parasites who forever reside within this government, for they are ALL living directly and quite lavishly off of US. Indeed, once on the taxpayer dole, the true parasites NEVER leave. Willingly, that is.

Acute and Total Systemic Failure calls for extraordinary measures. And if those lifetime parasites, those who reside within this government of ours, if they continue on in their ignorant refusal to acknowledge their own ABJECT FAILURE, there are but a few options.

I myself would love to personally and forcibly yank them all out by their hair, out of their seats of disgrace and total failure. On the other hand, I do not want to see Revolution and/or Civil War. BUT, if the IMPUDENT CRIMINALITY of our so-called Leaders continues on unchecked as it has, that IS what may happen.



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