Mark Shields: Obama’s Loss of Public Support Puts Democrats at Risk October 2014

First, a quote that has often been misattributed to de Tocqueville:

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

~Joseph de Maistre (1811)
WE the PEOPLE have been asleep at the switch for almost five decades. We the People have been voting for props; whichever slick, silver-tongued corporatist-marionette placed before us as our candidates; Each one hand-selected just for us; Scripted, packaged, and quite adept in their roles of constant lies and duplicitous deception.

A Bit of History:

Notwithstanding the serious flaws in each of the Roosevelts, both Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt knew the disastrous dangers of [allowing] concentrated wealth to grow unchecked; And both consequently fought tooth and nail against it; Both fought the constant threat of corporate dominance knowing that, once the toe is over the threshold, easily leads to total Corporate takeover; Corporate governance, also known as Corporatism, also known as Fascism. The end result is the thorough and total destruction of the Republic, along with the entire notion of a “free” Democratic state; Which, in turn becomes another tyranny.
Of course, the J.P. Morgans of the Corporate Cabals, bitterly opposed the likes of the Roosevelts and were positively ruthless in their own smear campaigns to discredit and ultimately unseat them. FDR knew them very well and I’ll quote him now: “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”
Theodore Roosevelt was a wise and prescient man; He said the following inspiring words: “Corporation cunning has developed faster than the law of nation or state. Corporations have found ways to steal long before we have found that they were susceptible to punishment for theft. But sooner or later, unless there is a season of readjustment, there will come a riotous, wicked, murderous day of atonement…. These fools on Wall Street think that they can go on forever! They can’t!”
Both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt succeeded in breaking the stranglehold of Corporate Monopolies, first through Theodore’s aggressive anti-monopoly and anti-trust legislation; And later by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s responsive counter to the big banks’ destruction, the Depression-era Glass-Steagal Act, among other critical Regulatory reforms. They were both aware and Altruistic and Decent enough to take these critical measures and more, all directly against the bitter opposition and the fervent protests by the Ruling Industry tycoons of the day, who are, incidentally, still the ruling tycoons, the main difference being that these Tycoons have indeed purchased our entire government.
So it is that today, everything, every single issue, every one of OUR RIGHTS; Rights for which so many people in this country were willing to die; Rights which were struggled for and fought for HARD; Everything that has been fought for long and hard over many years, Voting Rights for Black men and Women’s Suffrage, the Civil Rights movement, Worker’s Rights, Unions; all of these “basic” and “fundamental” Rights, brutally and violently opposed by the Ruling Classes, were fought for to produce and ensure a robust middle class; and to create and maintain a rudimentary measure of a more Fair and Just system for all, Rich and Poor alike.
Today, every organized effort, every life lost in pursuit of Fairness and Justice for all, has been thoroughly erased and intentionally destroyed. And WE the people, the hoodwinked, the lulled, the complacent, the lazy, have let it all happen. And now the Corporate takeover of the United States and of the entire world is complete.
Since the Carter administration deregulated the entire transportation industry, each administration since has followed, in lock-step, the ongoing and thorough DEREGULATION of each and every other industry; along with the ongoing Privatization of ALL previously public sectors, lands, etc. Today, the only real requisite for political candidates is an unshakeable agenda; A corporate agenda of More Deregulation and Privatization.
It truly does not matter who is installed in this U.S. government. Every Puppet-Administration–Democrat and Republican alike–are used as a mere distraction; An intentional diversion away from the ongoing and highly successful collaboration among thieves to continue their goals to commit Mass Fraud and to freely Plunder any place on earth, extracting by theft anything of value–even if it belongs to another “sovereign” nation. There are many institutions that have been created to advance this goal, such as the World Bank and the IMF; When thew usual first-line measures such as bribery, extortion, sanctions, embargoes; staged rebellions, coup d’etat, assassinations; when those initial measures fail, Wars of Aggression are often used as effective means to achieve the end goal, which does appear to be to own and control the entire world whilst enslaving us all.
A reality check is long overdue. Candidates of this two-party system each have a political platform to draw votes. Both parties run their [never-ending] campaigns on any issue that will please their voting base, all the while blatantly patronizing, impudently lying, telling us that 1. they CARE and, 2. they represent OUR interests. In reality, politicians do not know of any such concept as civic duty, moral obligation, the common good; Indeed, most politicians, if not altogether illiterate; If not totally uneducated in all topics, most curiously perhaps, U.S. HISTORY; Politicians, by and large, do not even know the basics of the U.S. Constitution.
Politicians, like many people, are simply rapacious; Forever pushing and flailing to get to the slop trough so that they too can roll around in filthy lucre, disgracefully spoilt, grotesque and bloated, brimming with privilege so often undeserved and that uniquely American trait the enormous sense of entitlement.mounds of filthy lucre. They are nothing if not scabby and greasy, always on the prowl, skulking around from town to town in cheap flimsy and ill-fitting sheep costumes.
So, are we expected to see this, um, spectacle, as a “real” option? I mean, at this point, stop making excuses. Any attempt to differentiate in any way between Democrat and Republican is to prop up and perpetuate outright LIES. Democrats and Republicans are two selfsame, identical parties with identical interests and identical agendas, both willing collaborators and quislings for the Corporate money interests and the furtherance thereof.
So, with ALL of the stark and obvious warnings over the last four-five decades, all having been totally IGNORED by most of the citizenry, THIS is the FINAL wake up call. If and ONLY if an Enormous Realization, a TRUE AWAKENING, occurs, I guess that this neo-feudal system of Peonage and debt-servitude will remain in place; BUT, the longer the denial stays in place, the stronger the eventual revolt, which may result in the worst possible scenario: Full Scale Revolution and simultaneous Civil War.


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