U.S. Treasury Bonds: Pump & Dump Fraud Scheme, FYI…

Please DO watch the US Treasury Bond Market.  Just yesterday, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, both totally Insolvent) have just matched each other in huge buys of US Treasury Bonds.  They are again creating another gigantic bubble and many people, AGAIN will lose everything for which they worked.  Pump and Dump again;  MASS FRAUD.  Above all laws…

I just learned yesterday, as I watched Bill Moyers interview with former financial regulator/white collar crime Prosecutor, William Black, that indeed it gets more damning;  It was Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan [Chase] who initially approached then-Junior Senator Barack Obama and selected him, deals struck prior to the Presidential run, as our, um, Democratically-elected President.

To All Splinter groups who, whether knowingly or unwittingly, do serve the interests of the wealth to divide and conquer:

Listen up and get it together.  Rather than divided we fall, correct it:

United We Stand.

Include every group possible, beginning with the Black Panthers; NOT the NAACP, as they named Condaleeza Rice “Person of the Year.”


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