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AN50: Good Day!!
Before I set to writing my responses to the first topic, in which I hasten to say that I do NOT in ANY WAY encourage or condone dependence on any entity, including and especially on government; It is critically important to point out, in the exact same breath, that each and every person residing within each and every branch, program, agency; each level, Local, State, Federal; Each government “employee” is, in fact, Dependent on government. Here, “Parasitic” is nicely defined.

To beat the dead horse, All those within the Government, then, are indeed TOTALLY dependent on us, the Tax Payers; And we, in turn, get nothing of substance; AND we are all left footing the enormous expenses and huge bills incurred by those civil servants (career hacks) in our government.
Interesting still is that “they” accomplish nothing. Nothing except the furtherance the abilities Nothing at all… of value; THEY do nothing BUT campaign to remain forever on the DOLE; Year after year, decade after decade; Clinging forever and desperately so, to their pathetic seats of total disgrace and utter failure.

Please know that these, CIVIL SERVANTS, live very well indeed off of US; wanting for nothing, ever; all the while enriching themselves beyond imagination through any means at their disposal, whether legal or illegal; (Insider Trading). So curious it is to me that they benefit in so many ways, just as they adamantly fight tooth and nail, to DENY US, the TAX PAYERS, their own constituents, the very same benefits. Your use of the word “Parasite,” is useful indeed.
I’ll be back…


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