Recent Conversation… with an American Citizen

Christina Marlowe • 4 days ago
I wonder how many of us are aware of the many ways in which the [very] wealthy enrich themselves…Exponentially? First, any action or, conversely, any inaction, Can be used, therefore IS used, as a tax write-off. Losses? Tax write-offs. Some, um, “entrepreneurs” (“Corporate Persons”) actually enjoy buying properties/businesses with the full Intention to FAIL. Why? Well…They make Huge profits…Without paying taxes!! Many raise money from Investors; they then Purchase business/property; they then Run it into the ground to fail it asap; Then they File for full Bankruptcy Protection…Then they can sell property/business off; OR they can sit on it for decades…All the while, using it as a loss, a tax write off. Many ways to cook a goose, but the name of the game is TAX AVOIDANCE.
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • 3 days ago
I don’t know what your point is here. I know many middle class people who use the same tax loop holes to enrich themselves. This isn’t a failure of the rich, it is a failure of our culture which seems quite content to relegate itself to a life of parasitic existence. Perhaps you should take a moment and look at dividing our economy into two distinct groups, those whose activities add value and those whose activities consume value. Do this regardless of the income or accumulation of wealth.

When you are done you will find very strange bedfellows indeed. Some examples for you to consider:

Takers, those whose activities (economic) are net consumers of value –

Bankers, lawyers, teachers, preachers, doctors, politicians, clerks, accountants, janitors, welfare recipients, hedge fund managers, investment managers, supervisors, policemen, firemen, pundits, writers, artists, professors, consultants (myself included), lifeguards, nurseries, nurses and many many more professions.

Makers, those whose activities (economic) are net builders of value –

Farmers, assembly line workers, miners, framers, installers, some engineers, software designers, builders, manufacturers and a few more.

Within each of these professions, both take and make, there are variations that can put them in the other category, so these are generalizations on the whole. The idea here is to realize that some economic activity, including the tax avoidance and market gambling you pointed out, are net consumers of value or wealth whether we value them socially or not (like doctors and teachers) and that other activities whether we like them or not (like mining or oil drilling) are net value or wealth adders to the economy as a whole.

The parsing along these lines can be quite difficult and there is much grey between them, however, it is well known that as economies shed their net wealth generation in resource extraction, agriculture and manufacturing in favor of services, they will, unless there is dominant demand for those services outside the sovereign economy, begin to do much poorer. The standard of living will drop.

This is exactly what we are experiencing in this country right now. Yes it is a matter of national shame and cultural decay that so many people feel it is ok to get rich via parasitic means rather than by building something of value. It doesn’t mean those who do it are bad and I’ll give an example. Look at Warren Buffet. He is a democrat, liberal, altruistic, kind and generally speaking a decent and good man. He is one of the richest in our country and amassed his vast fortune in those economic activities that are takers. Contrast him with another very wealthy man, also a democrat, liberal, altruistic and generally a good man, Bill Gates, who amassed his vast fortune building a software company that added trillions of dollars of value to our economy. He goes in the maker category. Both men are good citizens, both do good and both are polar opposites in how they made wealth.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with how Warren made his fortune as long as we realize that we needed Bill’s wealth generation in order for Warren to have something to skim off of. Same goes for all the rest of us. Its ok to be a preacher or a teacher, doctor or a politician, store clerk or a janitor as long as we realize there as to be a Rosy the riveter and a Don the driller or a Frank the farmer or a Susie the software designer for the rest of us to be supported.

Learn that distinction and learn it well, because we are becoming a nation of takers and a punisher of makers. And if we don’t know the difference, then we won’t realize the value of that job we outsourced to China, the field of crops we paved over, the factory we bulldozed for a race track or the drilling operation we stopped because we though it dirty.

And not to put to fine a point on it, we are accelerating that decay, that transition and we are becoming more blind to that all important distinction. Its not rich against poor, its makers versus takers and that goes for all areas of the socio-economic ladder.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • 3 days ago
Let’s discuss this further.

“…it is a matter of national shame and cultural decay that so many people feel it is ok to get rich via parasitic means rather than by building something of value.”

Please define, explain specifically “value;” and that which you personally consider “valuable;”

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AN50 Christina Marlowe • 3 days ago
I am speaking strictly in the economic sense here. As I said earlier we may personally or socially value welfare, providing others a safety net against poverty. It may be considered a laudable goal by a secular society. However, it has a financial cost, it consumes economic value even if the outcome is gratifying to society. Therefore, your economy must be productive in endeavors that add more value than they consume to offset the cost of that socially desirable service. Value in this case is economic or as some might refer to as “wealth”, the value of assets owned by a person or a community.

In many conversations about such subjects we lose sight of the meaning of words, so its important that we are all on the same page. Its equally important to know what things we value in the general sense, the worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody against the value economically, an amount expressed in money or another medium of exchange that is thought to be a fair exchange for something.

The question is this, as a society, are the things we value generally, covered economically by our productivity in value adding enterprises? We have a myriad of economic indicators to tell us how well we are doing but in the end it all boils down to the relative standard of living we are all experiencing.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • 3 days ago
I have so many things to say to address your thoughts. I must rest for now. But meanwhile, I’ll post this that I wrote several years ago, this latest version to Paul Ryan:

America’s [brutal] HISTORY is as
important as any other variable in wealth
and it’s distribution; Mr. Ryan, do you
know rudimentary U.S. History? Here is a
tiny sliver:

America is a country that was
indeed founded on racism and genocide.
America is a country that was founded on
the firm belief and unshakeable notion
that African people are little else than
work animals. America was indeed literally
built on the backs, on the blood, sweat
and tears of human slaves, mostly of
African decent, but Chinese and others as
well. So, Mr. Ryan, if you focus on that
dynamic alone, SLAVERY, quite another
picture emerges:

African-Americans, from savage slavery, to
the indentured servitude and debt bondage
of the Sharecropping system that took it’s
place; To the harsh and despicable Jim
Crow laws; To the countrywide voter
suppression by terrorism and constant
lynching; To the tenuous fights for Civil
Rights, the vast Civil Rights movement in
the 1960’s which pretty quickly lead to
the assassination of one of the greatest
moral leaders of all time, Dr. Reverend
Martin Luther King, Jr. And many others…

The vicious terrorism, incredible and unbelievable as
it is, continues even today. And you, Mr.
Ryan, are just another leader of the pack;
In fact, you may as well put on a white

Black Americans have been and still
are today, systematically oppressed,
continually repressed and physically and
psychologically brutalized. By people just
like you. Yes, ever since they were
physically FORCED to come to this grand
country, America, “LAND OF THE FREE,” as
SLAVES. The sordid facts and the horrible
legacy lives on and on and on.

To further my point, each year that
I am able, I go to visit the most
destitute region in the United States, the
ever-impoverished Mississippi Delta. There
are hundreds of tiny towns strewn quite
apart from each other, and in each of
these tiny, dirt-poor towns, I find only
fast food chain restaurants, local
catfish, hushpuppies and BBQ shacks,
perhaps a gas station here and there, a
few general stores and several funeral
parlors; no where have I seen a market
filled with healthy foods such as fruits,
vegetables, whole grains.

Many people in the Mississippi
Delta, many, if not most of them, black,
have been and still are left completely
ignored and totally poverty-stricken with
little to no access to a proper education,
healthy foods, [affordable] health care;
there is no public transportation system
to GET OUT, and most people are simply too
poor to afford even a junker car; many
live in lean-to shacks with dirt floors.
And there still is no hope for a better
future. So, PAUL RYAN, you are one
born-privileged, spoilt brat: How, exactly
how would YOU get ahead with those kinds
of conditions??? I doubt that you’d survive long.

We, as an entire species, should
really reevaluate what is “VALUABLE.” And,
conversely, what is NOT valuable.
Money-making is actually totally
WORTHLESS. In fact, the most enduring and
tangible contributions to society,
humanity throughout history can still,
even today, be heard, felt, seen, read, or

A few Facts: The actual roots of
American music–from the Blues, Gospel;
to Jazz, to Doo Wop,
to Rock ‘n’ Roll, to Rhythm & Blues,
to Soul, to Disco, to Funk, to Hip Hop, to
Rap and…
Right back straight home to the
BLUES; Almost ALL American MUSIC came
directly from, and was invented by,
African-American SLAVES; And that
incredible, phenomenal, indelible
BLACK-AMERICAN creation, talent,
accomplishment, UTTER genius, WAS FIRST
CONCEIVED by the very people that you call

So on that note, what exactly have
You contributed, Mr. Paul Ryan?

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AN50 Christina Marlowe • 3 days ago
Wow, going a bit off topic. There are many forms of slavery. There is the brutal, physical, social and economic slavery that southern democrats practiced until the civil war ended. And there is the new slavery, also practiced by the democrats. The slavery of institutionalization, that which robs an individual of their freedom of choice, not by force of gun directly, but by law. Little by little one law at a time, “for your own good” they tell you or for the “good of the planet” they implore. But the result is the same, you have no choice, its made for you. Think about that while you are contemplating the economic divide of the takers and the makers.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • 2 days ago
Do you have any idea at all that the entire U.S. economy is built on FRAUD? And that it is FRAUD that is 100% Deliberate, 100% Engineered And that you too, dear, will lose your shirt if you do not Pay Attention.

The True American Patriots, the “job creators,” the “Makers” are “making” again. They are CRIMINALS. PERIOD.

Can I SPIT now?
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • a day ago
That is quite an accusation. It stands at “nutty” until you provide some evidence to back it up.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • a day ago
I really don’t care where “it” stands; Any one that has been witnessing the enormous transfers of wealth around the globe, really ought to familiarize themselves with current events, at the very least.

I don’t want to waste my time rewriting to summarize history, financial markets, or anything else for you.

In fact, just call me GOP Jesus.
Man: Excuse me Jesus?… Could you help a poor guy who is down on his luck?

Jesus: NO!! Pull yourself up by your own damned bootstraps and get a job, you bum. I could teach you to fish but I won’t!! It’s not my damned responsibility.


see more
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • a day ago
I have been witnessing the vast transfers of wealth, that is what the topic of my original comment was on. So far all I have from you is a bunch of rambling stream of consciousness non-sequiturs. Try to focus on the original comment, which by the way, avoids the ugly partisan nature of most of your comentary. Keep it simple and clear please.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • a day ago
What original comment? What specifically are you asking? And “Partisan?” Sure.
You must be young because you sound like…a Punk.
But If you’re old, then all of this is a total waste of my time.
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • a day ago
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • 2 days ago
So, as you state that you would like to focus on these issues “strictly in the economic sense here.”

One by one, first addressing your latest comment above:


Off topic? Economically speaking, Slavery is “off topic?” Really? So then, Let’s begin:

The United States is a country that was founded {forget the Native American Indians and topics such as genocide) by White Anglo-Saxon men who not only already owned Land but, they owned actual people too.

That is odd on it’s face. Q: What is the difference between Africans trading other Africans as Slaves, versus the White Men trading Africans as Slaves?

A: The Africans regarded the other Africans as Human Beings;

Whereas the White Men regarded Africans (ALL Non-Whites) as SUB-Human.

Yes, animals, livestock; But unlike the farm animals, the SLAVES were subjected to truly abnormal levels of pure hated and inexplicable brutality.

So, one of the very first and most prior tenets to uphold in this new “Land of Opportunity” was to ensure for one,
3/5 of a…person?

It is commonly found in the process of indoctrination, that there is often very deliberate withholding of most information; Of entire and huge segments, of actual facts and information that would lead to a different VIEWPOINT altogether. you find the topic of slavery

[robs one of] Freedom of Choice



Economic Divide

“Takers” and “Makers”
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • a day ago
Off topic because slavery was abolished nearly 150 years ago. Why bring it up? And why go after the old form of slavery (physical) and not the new form (illegal immigrants, enslaved by language and document fraud)? Now care to adress the issue I brought up?
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • a day ago
Illegal Immigrants, huh. Try POLITICAL REFUGEES. The United States of America ruined every single country in Latin America, leaving those nations war ravaged and drug infested, ruled by merciless cutthroats.

America is always instrumental in selecting the “right” government in Mexico!! ET AL Why? Because the CIA works in tandem with the Drug Lords of Mexico in their complicit drug trafficking operations.

Narcokleptocracy? And the Banks? HSBC among several other huge lawless fraud-laden banks routinely launder drug money and broker deals for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

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AN50 Christina Marlowe • a day ago
Ok, I have gone down the rabbit hole with you far enough. Say hi to the queen.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • a day ago
My, my, my…You think Slavery is still off topic?? Quite typical of the average American, to totally ignore one of the most crucial and fundamental parts of U.S. history, particularly since much of what we know in American culture and the current state of affairs of the union can be traced directly back to that “other” history, um, SLAVERY. Actually, the Civil War never ended, just morphs; Many of the Whites in the South fly huge Confederate flags because they are…White Supremecists.

Any way, so what if THAT Slavery was, um, in theory, “abolished;” In practice and in fact, it was not “abolished” at all and abolition was never and still is NOT accepted by a rather astonishingly number of Americans. Do you really not notice that RACISM is one of America’s most defining characteristics, both historically and…Economically.

Yes, [Wicked and Cruel] Slavery, Devastating Civil War, Ghastly Reparations attempts…It all so brutally and so seamlessly segued straight into full peonage, debt servitude, relete with Jim Crow laws, Property-line Divisions, laws and covenants, to legally keep Black American people FAR away from the White Supremacists in the many Christian churches dotting the leafy-treed streets of Birmingham, Selma, Baton Rouge, Charleston, Jackson,..And just think too: it was not at all long ago that those pesky Confederate “types,” same exact as the ones filling half of our government right NOW, they saw fit somehow to kill innocent people…because of skin color…for sport.

Why should I bog myself down responding to such a total vacuum? I cannot believe how uninformed and uneducated some are here, with ALL the opportunity…There is no excuse!! And if you really want to learn something, rather than acting the flea, and I do urge you to learn…SOMETHING…there are millions of books. Pick one up.

With that, here’s the Last One: Another Old Article:
(Apologies for the formatting)

First, a quote:

“[The Chicago School of Economics is] a great center of
contemporary scholasticism. The economists working there and produced by
it are as important to the stagnation of useful thought as the
Schoolmen of the University of Paris were at the height of the Middle
Ages… Like that of the Paris scholastics, their mastery of highly
complex rhetorical details obscures a great void at the centre of their
argument… A large number of America’s economic problems could be
solved by shutting down the Chicago School of Economics… The purpose
of closure would be simply to disentangle a tendentious ideology from
its unassailable position within contemporary power structures. The
same sort of liberating shock treatment was applied to
European civilization in 1723 when the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
was disbanded. The effect was to set free the ideas of the

–John Ralston Saul, 1994

Second, another quote:

problem is, of course, that not only is economics bankrupt but it has
always been nothing more than politics in disguise… economics is a
form of brain damage.”

~Hazel Henderson

based on that statement, I will argue that economics is an elaborate
illusion and, yes indeed, merely “politics in disguise.”

Economic Policies and Politics:
entire slave-based economy is, in FACT, the political structure itself.
Indeed the entire economy of the world has been and still is
deliberately engineered by the very few men in and of the REAL POWER
STRUCTURE. These very few shadowy figures, today and hereon known as the
Trillionaires, have been from the very inception of controlled human
societies and communities, it is THOSE people who have been and still
are pulling ALL THE STRINGS of the mere Puppets in this OSTENSIBLE
government (Look Up “Ostensible”).

these Trillionaires who themselves comprise the REAL POWER STRUCTURE,
the Robber Barons, has/have succeeded for quite some time to keep a
fairly tight lid on too much knowledge, learning, awareness, fact-based
truth; Since learning and discovering actual FACTS would, of course,
lead to bitter protest and violent revolt, and maybe even to their, the
Robber Barons’, own rather bloody DEMISE.

Religion as an Effective Tool:
is the deliberate suppression of knowledge and suppression of general
awareness of actual facts. Religion has CERTAINLY BEEN A HIGHLY
SUCCESSFUL Tool, along with Mass media. “Fervor” and self-delusion was,
and still is today, accomplished mainly through the veritable TOOL of
Religion. Further, Religion serves to reinforce the desired effect of
Abject Ignorance which is, of course, the ABSOLUTE KEY in the game of
mind control; Pacification through Religion and the tireless campaigns
of keeping people in ignorant FEAR. The outright lies which are found
throughout ANY religion, also serve as a vehicle for virulent, abject
hatred; And a hefty and steady stream of abject fear (of God, of Black
people, of Hell, of Satan, Socialism, Fascism, on and on) The political
hacks, in this scheme, have found that the employ of so-called buzz
words is stunningly EFFECTIVE. IT DISTRACTS PEOPLE; Keeps them really
dumb, too; And too numb to react.

there is a veritable myriad of other totally intentional distractions,
deliberately designed to hide the truth and the FACTS, (Ongoing SLAVERY,
THEFT, PLUNDER), Distractions on any and every contrived “side” of the
political spectrum; the entire “Left”-“Right” paradigm is also a very
useful and effective contrivance; So-called “Issues;” Also totally
Contrived to distract the populace away from FACTS, TRUTH. That is,
distract the fools Away from what the Robber Barons are actually doing
(STEALING, PLUNDERING); Let them bicker and argue about such issues as
Abortion, gun rights, etc., etc. All and every technique is used; All
are forms of intentional trickery. Religion, though, has worked like a
charm since the day it was invented and written down (BY MEN), and
Religion is still, bar none, the most highly effective tool for mind
control today. Well, there WAS the period in history known as the Age of
Reason, the Enlightenment, Well, We all know about that history, don’t

The Late 20th Century:
skipping straight to the late 20th century, the 1980′s specifically,
the emergence of the despicable demon, Ronald Reagan, his total
embracing of the R-wing “Christian” Fundamentalist-lunatics; the
beginnings of the Total DEREGULATION of ALL industry; the utterly
Fantastic LIE of ”trickle-down” economics; And the new “service” economy
(SLAVE); All worked hand in hand to set the new and more
all-encompassing SLAVERY (Yes, that means ALL OF US) and the Modern
slave-based economy.

Thanks a lot MORONS, for ruining the world!!
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AN50 Christina Marlowe • a day ago
The rambling diatribe is not helping the discussion, infact it has strayed all over the map and includes everything but the topic, which is makers versus takers. I defined it for you, defined value in the economic sense. Please comment on that, if in fact you can.
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Christina Marlowe AN50 • 2 days ago
AN50: Good Day!!
Before I set to writing my responses to the first topic, in which I hasten to say that I do NOT in ANY WAY encourage or condone dependence on any entity, including and especially on government; It is critically important to point out, in the exact same breath, that each and every person residing within each and every branch, program, agency; each level, Local, State, Federal; Each government “employee” is, in fact, Dependent on government. Here, “Parasitic” is nicely defined.

To beat the dead horse, All those within the Government, then, are indeed TOTALLY dependent on us, the Tax Payers; And we, in turn, get nothing of substance; AND we are all left footing the enormous expenses and huge bills incurred by those civil servants (career hacks) in our government.

Interesting still is that “they” accomplish nothing. Nothing except the furtherance the abilities Nothing at all… of value; THEY do nothing BUT campaign to remain forever on the DOLE; Year after year, decade after decade; Clinging forever and desperately so, to their pathetic seats of total disgrace and utter failure.

Please know that these, CIVIL SERVANTS, live very well indeed off of US; wanting for nothing, ever; all the while enriching themselves beyond imagination through any means at their disposal, whether legal or illegal; (Insider Trading). So curious it is to me that they benefit in so many ways, just as they adamantly fight tooth and nail, to DENY US, the TAX PAYERS, their own constituents, the very same benefits. Your use of the word “Parasite,” is useful indeed.

I’ll be back…


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