ALTERNET: So Many People Are Badly Traumatized by Life in America — It’s Time We Admit It

Another Twist on Brainwashing:

Discussion on AlterNet:
So Many People Are Badly Traumatized by Life in America — It’s Time We Admit It

Christina Marlowe @ superbad2011
SuperBad, we were all…brainwashed. (Below is a rough draft on the topic… Sorry about the formatting):
On Brainwashing:
I think that the most apt term is Brainwashed. Yes, brainwashing has been used
throughout the ages via a myriad of tactics; One is
Patriotism, Nationalism; Being taught that, in our case, America (or which ever country) is Great, Superior; Also, it
builds a dependable military that won’t ask questions as they
are deluded into thinking that they are Patriots and
Heroes…Fighting for “Freedom” and “Democracy;”
Forcibly bestowing that American “Freedom” and “Democracy” on to every sovereign nation on earth;
sometimes through Wars of Aggression (if they have any resources for America to steal);
Other times the US brings it’s own wholesome values such as equality and genuine freedom, to sovereign nations using such enticements as death threats, blackmail, assassination, extortion, coups d’etat, etc., etc.
In the end, “America” always wins!! Well, SOME in America always win…
Anyway, Brainwashing through [State] Propaganda uses all techniques, all tactics. A most effective one is the sheer fear tactics; Communism, Socialism, Terrorism; We are all force-fed outright LIES, for very specific results, from the cradle to the grave.
(US against THEM = Divide and Conquer [tactic])
There are entire manuals and playbooks on How to Control an Entire Society. See one titled PROPAGANDA written by Edward Bernays in the 1920s; He was the nephew of Freud.
One Example, have you ever noticed that there are a dizzying, indeed countless, number of…”groups of people?”
In the last decade, I noticed a new onslaught: Millions of new 501(c)(3)s, many thoroughly fraudulent.
(WEDGE ISSUES = Divide and Conquer)
Have you noticed that these same “groups,” fight vehemently amongst themselves and, most curiously, directly against themselves and their own self interests?
Whether members of these groups are genuine in their profound ignorance; or whether the groups were deliberately created to further spread misinformation and lies, so as to stupefy the populace… It works in that the desired result is the same:
significant confusion; convolution; Infighting and pitted fights; It leaves many in in a state of fear or hate; That too is deliberate.
Divide and Conquer.
So!! These same exact hand-selected “issues” are also bandied about, in and on, all forms of media, non-stop, 24/7; The same incessant, irritating high hum of blathering morons on radio; the same empty headed television hosts who I now suspect are hired based solely on either 1. a very low IQ score; or 2. a fundamental ignorance so deep that it cannot ever be challenged.
So, WHO is it exactly that calls the shots?
Who does hand-pick and then place idiot-issues
under the collective noses of the idiot-electorate?
And THEN there IS the OTHER SIDE:
The Idiot-Electorate needs to answer this:
So, who is it that, just like Pavlov’s Dog,
Decade after decade, who casts their vote each and every time there comes a ballot for the candidates presented?
So then, do any of us even wonder such things as
1. WHO in HELL is THIS???
2. FROM WHERE in HELL did they COME?
All I know for CERTAIN is ONE THING:
The filthy rich continue to get Richer and Filthier.
Apropos, Balzac wrote these words:
“Behind all great fortune is CRIME.”
Issues? Well, it’s safe to say that these deliberate contrivances…these wedge issues…were not dreamt up and presented to the citizenry by the average American or the average human.
This layout of the world, as it stands, implies and SHOULD IMPLY that something is 1. Morally WRONG; 2. Morally Unacceptable; and 3. Totally AMORAL and 4. IMMORAL.
THEREFORE a real remedy is required.
Any suggestions? worhtrevo!


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