Another Letter to the FCC on Internet Freedom: Dear Ms. Mignon Clyburn…

Dear Ms. Clyburn,

I’ve addressed you in writing before but I did not receive a response.  I’ll simply try again, but
this time I will use a different approach:

Here I will list a few key specific points

I will use a simplified format so that anyone (even an idiot-child) can understand:

Ms. Clyburn, you are a paid and ranking employee of the FCC;
The FCC  is a taxpayer funded agency whose functions are very specific;

The FCC agency itself was created for specific reasons
And for a specific function:
1.  To protect the public, the consumers, from abuse(s);
2.  To address citizens’ grievances in a meaningful way that produces remedy;
3.  To address issues of impudent price-gouging, price-fixing, unfair business practices; unlawful monopolies; etc; et al

So I will ask you again:

Ms. Clyburn, do you in fact work for or on behalf of the corporate entities that comprise the telecommunications industry;
Those such as Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, et al

If your answer is NO to the above,
Then do you, Ms. Clyburn,  in fact work for and on behalf of the taxpayers, those of us who not only pay your salary based on good faith,
but who pay for the entire agency, the FCC,  and it’s continued existence.

After having spent decades staring at the WRITING ON THE WALL, your answer does not matter.

Now YOU Listen up!!

The costs of the building of the entire telecommunications infrastructure, including the www internet infrastructure, have been paid in full by the taxpayers.

The FCC is a government agency;  The duties and obligations of the FCC are to protect citizens from corporate abuses;  By employing you and your agency, the FCC, to act on behalf of the public interest; Diligence, Oversight, Regulations, Rules, Compliance, etc.

WE, the Taxpayers, have already PAID IN FULL.  Period.

And now YOU TOO, in a very long line of rapacious little minions gone awry, are GUILTY:  Complicit in so many ways.  

As I see it, you NOW have just 2 basic options:  You can be either 1. or 2.:

1.  A Two-bit Street Whore;  A Prostitute selling her very own self… to filthy control freaks…for filthy lucre

2.  A heroic and dashing figure, hell bent on saving the many innocent people from the monolithic telecommunications monopolies

I fervently hope that 1. you see a difference and 2. you make the right choice.



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