Ferguson, MO: “American Values” Stay Strong…

As Bush praised FEMA Director Brown–for his total ineptitude and his total failure to respond to Hurricane Katrina–Bush said, “Great Job, Brownie!!”

Hey!! Do you want a traditional and time-honored American MINDFUCK?

Okay!!   HERE:



Race is STILL one of the
 most crucial and fundamental parts of America;
Does that tell you any thing?
It tells me, reaffirms, that most Americans are not just idiots.
  I theorize that they are genetic mutations after centuries of inbreeding;
Blue bloods and Appalachian Crackers alike; Something is very wrong with them.

And by the way, in Actuality, the Civil War never 
ended, it just continually morphs; 
Many of the Whites [in the South] continue to fly their huge
 Confederate flags because they are…White Supremacists.

Any way, so what if THAT Slavery was, um, in theory,
”abolished;” In practice and in fact, it was not “abolished” at
all and abolition was never and still is NOT accepted by a
rather astonishing number of Americans. Do you really not notice
that RACISM is one of America’s most defining characteristics, both historically and Economically.

And it all so brutally and so seamlessly segued
straight into full peonage, debt servitude, replete with unthinkable Jim Crow
laws; And still it wasn’t enough.

It was not at all long ago because it is TODAY TOO that those pesky
 Confederate “types,” same exact as the ones filling much of our [ILLEGITIMATE] government right NOW, they saw fit somehow to kill innocent
people…because of skin color…for sport.
By now, I’ve had it, so here:
Even if Whites were born this way or crack-addicted and water-headed, maybe to a 6-fingered hillbilly in an abandoned car somewhere in the Ozark mountains…
There STILL would be NO excuse for the sheer magnitude of the Racism called WHITE IDIOCY.


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