Racism: White Supremacy and Segregation in Freedom-Loving America…

A few thoughts…

The fact that human skin is somehow an “issue” is bizarre, to say the least;

Then the fact that the color of human skin is an “issue” is…a rather odd fixation;

This entirely STUPID notion of White Supremacy…

Consider the Source.  Nevermind, Let ME:

By Jove!!  I think I’ve narrowed it down!!

Some kind of Idiot-breed with…White-Skins

A very peculiar little idiot-club was formed

based on their little idiot-notion, White Supremacy

And others with white-skin agreed and then followed

And here we are!!

In Idiot-America!!

Typical, yes, but not very neighborly.
Plus, these particular Americans certainly do enjoy their decadence!!
The indicators are early and many in this “American Decadence.”
These indicators include unfortunate traits such as
Self-satisfied;  Arrogant;  PROUD;  Self Righteous, etc. All together forming the IDIOT-AMERICAN

Typical?  Yes.

Yet once it becomes clear that at the very core of all aforementioned traits, traits that somehow lead total morons to [feelings of] Superiority…

At the very foundation of these unique American traits, is a most backward kind of ignorance;
It is not an ignorance from a simple void of information;

It is an astonishing ignorance that certainly must have been so thoroughly achieved,  intentionally and as a very clear end goal.
Misinformation, outright lies and pure propaganda is hardly an accident.

Wising up, first it become laughable, the very atrociousness;  It also induces a fervent desire to wipe the collective slate clean and begin anew…Tabula Raza.

So!!  To all citizens ANY WHERE enjoying their own decadence…

Mainly of total ignorance,

Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Obesity, Diabetes, Atrophied personalities and thousands of other indicators of DECAY:

Ignorance is the American way. The main “Common thread” is indeed uniquely and traditionally American.

So, Focusing then on these United States, let’s pinpoint that “Common thread,” using America’s own history:

Please allow me to simply paste my own response to an “American Patriot” just a few days ago:

My, my, my…You think Slavery is still off topic?? Quite typical of the average American, to totally ignore one of the most crucial and fundamental parts of U.S. history, particularly since much of what we know in American culture and the current state of affairs of the union can be traced directly back to that “other” history, um, SLAVERY. Actually, the Civil War never ended, just morphs; Many of the Whites in the South fly huge Confederate flags because they are…White Supremacists.

Any way, so what if THAT Slavery was, um, in theory, “abolished;” In practice and in fact, it was not “abolished” at all and abolition was never and still is NOT accepted by a rather astonishing number of Americans. Do you really not notice that RACISM is one of America’s most defining characteristics, both historically and…Economically.

Yes, Slavery, Devastating Civil War, Ghastly Reparations “attempts”…It all so brutally and so seamlessly segued straight into full peonage, debt servitude, relete with Jim Crow laws, Property-line Divisions, laws and covenants, to legally keep Black American people FAR away from the White Supremacists in the many Christian churches dotting the leafy-treed streets of Birmingham, Selma, Baton Rouge, Charleston, Jackson,..And just think too: it was not at all long ago that those pesky Confederate “types,” same exact as the ones filling half of our government right NOW, they saw fit somehow to kill innocent people…because of skin color…for sport.

Why should I bog myself down responding to such a total vacuum?

I cannot believe how uninformed and uneducated some are here, with ALL the opportunity…There is no excuse!!

And if you really want to learn something, rather than acting the flea, and I do urge you to learn…SOMETHING…there are millions of books. Pick one up.


— CM


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