A Letter to President Obama 2009


Re: The Absolute Necessity of the Public Option in Health Care

Dear President Obama and Staff, Monday, August 17th, 2009

This so-called democracy-but-really-an-oligarchy of ours is not working…there are just too many woefully uniformed, insanely misinformed and downright stupid-to-the-point-of-being-dangerous lunatics; these people do not know anything at all about any issue, particularly this nemesis, the health care industry. They, these utterly brainless, totally uneducated, irrational gun-toting and idiotic fear-mongering masses that comprise a full and startling HALF of this country’s population, have nothing constructive to say or do as they and their unconscionable Republican SS commanders lie and bait and hate and monger incessantly. This is insanity.

My question to you, President Obama, and to your staff: Do you really think it is in the peoples’ best interest to cave in on and waste time bickering with fools? The paramount importance of the public option in health care reform is…

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