The Santa Barbara, California Idiot-Forum: Featuring AN50…

Just for fun:

AN50 @ Me:
You are all over the map emotionally. I can’t help you with that. I was being matter of fact, if that is too rough for you try a different venue. This is an internet blog, the subject is political and you can expect heat. If it is too much then ignore the responses.
As for me I have no redeeming traits, I comment excessively and I have no patients with people. Like I said don’t take it personally, I don’t know you or anyone else commenting here well enough to be personal.

Me @ AN50:
As is indicated by each and every one of your comments, without a single exception, you are a buffoon. An especially ignorant buffoon. And I think that you may be a control freak. And to me that is funny and you are funny.
So, make no mistake. I’m always quite amused by [idiots just like you] and, further, I’m even more than happy to come to this “rough” forum.
Rough? I hope you are laughing at least when you say that. But…What are you saying?? To me, You’re like a monkey. Primitive, just not as bright. You are sheer fodder for the likes of me. And that’s why I’m here and that’s why I’ll never go away.

Go right ahead and write down all your monkey thoughts, parroting all the while, and then thinking that your monkey thoughts actually cause any reaction other than my own total amusement. Is amusement emotional? I laugh directly at you. Oh…And I just hope that you do not have any real role in, say, government. See you soon!


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