THOUGHTS for Sunday February 1st, 2015



Bravo, I say to you:

To the Reporter, Ms. Lara Cooper of Noozhawk, and to all of the people of our community who are:

Choosing to participate in human experience by actually putting your hands together, in Solidarity, with compassion, kindness and generosity as the object of the purpose; When WE are ABLE, to first put OTHERS IN FRONT OF OURSELVES;

To help salvage the wrecked and ruined lives of millions upon millions of our own neighbors, our own countrymen, the hardest-working among us, once-middle-class-now-working-poor, those born WITHOUT PRIVILEGE, Who HELP the unfortunate miserables who have lost their jobs, all sources of income, their own homes, and the very shirts off their very backs by NO wrongdoing of their own…

ACTUALLY, these now-homeless, now-impoverished, now-penniless and hungry Americans, yes, OUR HOMELESS, who’ve lost every thing because of the most enormous Scheme to Commit Mass Fraud perpetrated by (GUESS WHO?!?) and the coincidental TOTAL MALFEASANCE by the rest.

And they all have such beady-little reptilian eyes; And such primitive brains, barbaric little amygdala-minds; Minds that function totally backward as they are unenlightened and thoroughly UNCIVILIZED.the crooked minds PLUS they have hearts of stone.
AND absolutely NO SOUL.

I am so grateful to see that so many young people are seeing with their very own eyes…

The picture that this so-called “new norm;” This particular version of “reality” is not only 100% WRONG on every imaginable MORAL level;
It is CATEGORICALLY WRONG [wrongheaded] on every LEGAL level imaginable too, particularly vis-a-vis HUMAN RIGHTS;

Instead of basic human kindness and open-handed generosity, the world is filled with unspeakable atrocities, mind boggling hypocrisy, pathological covetousness with ghastly impudence, Backward impunity…

Indeed, this “New Norm” for “the rest” is UNSPEAKABLE, UNTHINKABLE.
The State of the UNION?


Why, it is simply REPREHENSIBLE…

…Countless, endless, never-ending criminal injustices…

Total Injustice….






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