Debt Jubilee…

Subject: Debt Jubilee…
Date: April 19, 2014 at 12:19:03 PM PDT

Debt forgiveness is the only way now. Not any other single economic “plan” or “policy” will “fix” anything in a system that is so systemically diseased as is ours.

The thorough corporate rigging of our entire political, economic, societal system has been in the works since the Industrial Revolution and it’s consequent spawning of the titans of the monopolies of industry. Lincoln said that America will never be destroyed from without, but from within. He was right: “We the people” have let this happen.

Theodore Roosevelt saw that a robust and solid middle class was an absolute key to keeping a society placated and relatively content; Plus, a large middle class is and always has been an excellent buffer between the vastly wealthy and the dirt poor.

FDR also knew this “wisdom” and sought tirelessly to create that middle class. He did it for a while, but against all odds, and with venomous opposition from those with the wealth. Surprising indeed that he got away with it AND with his life.

So, the introduction of Ronald Reagan as the new puppet-toy brought a renewed vigor to the corporate titan’s battle: Four long decades of intense propaganda to deregulate industry and privatize public assets. And all the many “Laws” written behind our backs have resulted in the legalization of outright Fraud.

The corporate henchmen, the banks, the Wall Street financiers, along with our own government, have succeeded beyond any imagining in passing all laws in their favor, which, conversely, go directly and totally Against our favor, and have, to boot, yanked and gutted any remedies or recourse that we the people once attained having fought for “rights” over many decades.

Now, a total reset is necessary. This reset will necessitate a thorough reevaluation of what is considered valuable. And NOT valuable. And then total Debt forgiveness, i.e. Debt Cancellation, Debt Jubilee. i.e., Cancel all debt.

All must say NO. We will NOT PAY.


Christina M.


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