The Fiscal Cliff Revisited…REPOST

Old half-letter addressing the then-oft-bandied “Fiscal Cliff”… for your certain amusement:

The so-called DEBT, and the manufactured Panic surrounding it is nothing but a pure contrivance. Like almost all other nonsense, this confabulated “issue” is broadly bandied around by the corporate shills is nothing but a colossal SCAM; It is nothing more than a RUSE, a TOOL used specifically by the Republicans and then one-upped by the Democrats and back and forth ad nauseum… to distract, confuse and stupefy people.

The FACT is that the monied Power Elite have been intentionally Bilking everyone down the line, by way of a massive Scheme to Defraud; and ruthlessly Plundering (i.e. extraction by Theft) all the world’s natural resources; and indeed Hoarding ALL Hard Currency (MONEY), ALL Other Assets, along with significant natural resources.

The Robber Barons, the monied Rulers, do POSSESS, ALL to themselves, approximately 46 Trillion U.S. Dollars that they’ve secretively stashed away in various TAX-FREE HAVENS. The so-called DEBT, any “shortages,” are a direct result of HOARDING. Period. The Criminal-Tyrants have indeed been actively absconding all WEALTH, including U.S. citizens’ Tax Dollars, for themselves.

In FACT, The entire financial system, Wall Street, the Banks, the Corporate Governors, and the entire Kleptocratic thereby ILLEGITIMATE U.S. Government, is built on FRAUD;  [And WAR;  And Drug Trafficking;]  and THAT Scheme has been deliberately engineered by the tiny Ruling Class, i.e. the Robber Barons, the Tycoons, The Trillionaires.

These unconscionable power-mongers only seek to continue the totally disastrous, utterly ruinous policies of more Deregulation of ALL industry; The Thoroughly corrupt Privatization of all previously PUBLIC sectors; And the rest of the world can just simply DIE OFF. They don’t care A WIT.

By the way, the newly-coined term “ENTITLEMENTS,” are NOT “Entitlements.” That is a contrived term used only just recently and nowadays to make the very programs that all U.S. citizens have PAID into for YEARS, look and seem like undeserved WELFARE.   It is NOT:  The FACT is that the multitudes of U.S. citizens who have diligently paid their taxes, have paid into Social Security and Medicare, for many long years, indeed deserve what they’ve already paid for all of their wretched lives.

So, if these government hacks want to bring up the debt, the very debt that they themselves created through their own thoroughly failed and still- failing policies over the last four decades, I propose a referendum vote:

Retract entirely and completely, every health care benefit that government HUMPS get on OUR, the TAXPAYERS, BACKS. Everyone, every last one of them, is to be included: the entire Congress, i.e. the House and Senate for those of you who know NOTHING; each and every department; Every filthy parasite that clings to the government teat, all on OUR, the Taxpayers’, BACKS.

And then, they would all have to do just as WE DO: That is, to buy flagrantly inflated, anti-American, for-Profit Health Care “Insurance” i.e. ONE OF THE BIGGEST SCAMS IN HISTORY. Oh, and just as soon as one of these worse-than-useless HUMPS gets sick and needs health care, let the Insurance company CEO DENY COVERAGE and unceremoniously PULL THE PLUG.

As to AUSTERITY MEASURES, let’s CUT OUT every single one of their obscene benefits, that we the Taxpayers pay for: their secret service, their limousines, and LET’S CUT THEIR SALARIES by 100%. And if they can’t afford to live high on the hog, all off of OUR tax-payer dollars, Let them ROT on SKID ROW where they TRULY belong; And let THEM apply for “ENTITLEMENTS”–Only to be DENIED.

With Pure Contempt,


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