The Economist: Hillary enters the race Apr 13th, 2015

Hillary enters the race  Apr 13th 2015

Vote No Confidence.

Hillary enters the raceApr 13th, 22:09
Citizens every where on the planet are screaming for the Americans not to do this;
Not to allow this Hillary Clinton person to attain such a position of global power.

So first, yes, let’s look at this utterly far-reaching, protracted and beyond-costly quagmire-of-a-war IRAQ, that has turned into a global HELL.

Remember clearly that CIA intelligence reports indicated, BEFORE congress-member Hillary Clinton voted FOR going to WAR, a CLEAR War of American Aggression, remember that there was NO EVIDENCE of ANY weapons of mass destruction and, further, that Iraq was IN NO WAY linked with al Qaeda.

The FACT is that it was Hillary Clinton that willingly voted, WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE, to go to WAR. To invade and occupy [Iraq] and enter a WAR of AGGRESSION. The costs of this 11 year World War were perfectly foreseeable before U. S. even stepped foot in Iraq.

In fact, as of this month, April 2015, there are reportedly 1.2 MILLION Iraqis and Afghanis DEAD…and ever counting;

There are Countless utterly destroyed American youths; WAR Dead, limbs blown off, so many suicided, so many very seriously brain-injured, horribly maimed, changed-for-life; So many and ever counting.

So, a vote for Hillary Clinton? Really? Hillary Clinton, right along with her PALS, Obama, Geithner, Bush, Cheney, and all of the other member of the U. S. War and Bank Fraud Machine, FULLY supported that WAR.

So DO KNOW that Hillary Clinton will support ALL WAR. ALWAYS. The fact is that any one installed in this American government will always go to war with the WORLD.

Why? Well, because the entire U. S. economy has been built on War and still does run on continuous War. The War Industry actively promulgates War as with any WAR-economy, the War Industry perpetrates War and perpetuates War.

So, first the U. S. invasion of Iraq was actually directly in order to profit and impudently steal; These are Crimes. War Crimes and War Profiteering.

And Hillary Clinton is yet another one of “these” attempting to put another notch in her gold-gilt belt, this time with her eye the ultimate brass ring, the U. S. Presidency. Ah, yes… Another money-grubbing, war-mongering, rapacious, downright beastly American “President” who spends their days pandering and whoring to corporate interests, War Interest, Bank interests… No matter WHAT and solely for PROFIT.

So…Clinton’s CHARACTER really ought to be taken into account for those actually considering voting for her in 2016.


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