Cornel West Calls For April 14 Shut Down In Response To Wave Of Police Killings Of Unarmed People

Cornel West Calls For April 14 Shut Down In Response To Wave Of Police Killings Of Unarmed People

South Carolina Cop Caught On Video Murdering Black Man

Statement By Carl Dix

Another cop caught on video murdering a Black man. This time the victim was Walter L. Scott, a 50-year-old man who had been stopped for a traffic violation. The murderer was Michael Slager, a South Carolina cop, who shot Scott 5 times, 4 of them in the back as he ran away. And this murdering pig didn’t stop there. He handcuffed Scott’s lifeless body, ran back to the spot where he initially confronted Scott. It appears Slager picked up the taser he had shot Scott with and carried it to where Scott lay and placed it beside the body, after shooting him in the back as he ran away.
This case was shocking, and not at all surprising. Shocking because you can see the cop chasing Scott and gunning him down as he tried to flee, AND because it appears Slager planted evidence to make it look like Scott was some kind of a threat. Also shocking because you see other cops come onto the scene and watch this evidence planting occur. But none of them said anything about it before the video got out.

Not at all surprising because there have been many, many cases of cops murdering people, including more than a few where the murders were caught on videotape. There have been many, many cases where witnesses to these murders have said that the cops planted evidence to try to justify their criminal actions. And in almost every single one of these cases, the system let the killer cops walk.

This time the killer cop has been charged with murder, but let’s be clear. This would never have happened if there hadn’t been a video that made it impossible to claim that the cop had reason to fear for his life. Slager hasn’t yet been convicted for the murder that we can all see him committing. We saw Eric Garner get murdered by police last year, and the system still exonerated his murderers. The prosecutors may still forget how to prosecute in this case, and this killer cop may still be allowed to walk.

This is not a case of the system working. The system was working the way it always works; well on the way to exonerating another killer cop, until the video came to light. The real message from this case is not that there is one bad cop who murdered someone and planted evidence to try to justify that murder. It’s that police are still wantonly murdering Black and Latino people. And that the system still works to exonerate cops when they murder people. THIS MUST STOP!

Anyone with a shred of justice in their hearts needs to join in acting to STOP it by taking to the streets on April 14! to stop the “business as usual” of killing by police.

Carl Dix

Cornel West Calls For April 14 Shut Down In Response
To Wave Of Police Killings Of Unarmed People

During the extraordinary EMERGENCY program held Monday in New York, the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew shook with the passionate determination to put a STOP to the killing of unarmed black and Latino people.

Cornel West spoke with fury seldom heard, scathing against those in power and all who stand aside when the business as usual of police killing unarmed people goes on, even before video showed the most recent police killing of unarmed Walter Scott Saturday in South Carolina.

Dr. West joined Carl Dix and the families of six unarmed people killed by police; Arturo O’Farrill; Cindy Sheehan; Alice Walker and Eve Ensler in calling on people to walk out of school and work on Tuesday April 14.

Video of Cornel West

Video of Carl Dix

More video & transcripts:

Cornel West: “For over seven years young Black and Brown women and men have been shot down by the police every 28 hours. We’ve got a Black president, Black attorney general, Black cabinet secretary of homeland security. They’re fundamental aim is to ensure the citizens are secure and safe [44:30] in America, but we haven’t had one federal prosecution of a policeman for killing all of those folks. Something’s wrong. Something’s deeply wrong.”

Carl Dix: “On April 14, we’re going to revive the spirit of Ferguson, that spirit of refusing to suffer the brutality of the system in silence. And we池e going to TAKE IT HIGHER. We have to get back out into the streets to declare that we’re not backing down, we’re not going away.

Alice Walker: “When you go out on April 14th, you will see that you are creating – as you have done before, and all of your ancestors and older people have done – you are creating a community of resistance.. This is the essence of what we need to have now.”

Arturo O’Farrill: “There is nothing more important than stopping the murder of unarmed citizens…I will lend my voice to say that on the 14th you must walk out; walk out of your business, walk out of your classroom, walk out of your apartment, walk out of your complacency, walk out of all you think you know and take heart in the real world. Walk out of the gray world and walk into the world of the sun and stand with the people of the sun.”

Eve Ensler: “On April 14 I will walk out and stand up with #ShutDownA14 to say with all my heart that the murder of black and brown people by the police MUST stop.”

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