Noozhawk: “Mother Behind Laura’s Law on a Mission to Transform Mental Health Care System”

My Response?

First of all, there is absolutely NO correlation between acts of violence and mental illness. The FACT is that those with mental illness are infinitely more likely to be VICTIMS of violence than to be perpetrators of violence. LOOK IT UP.

Yes, it is quite notable, this ever-worsening nationwide epidemic of gun violence and the countless resulting deaths of innocent victims everywhere; the constant, unrelenting, ceaseless violence that ravages every community in the United States of America including of course the many shooting sprees that are also totally unique to American society.

So, the question should be WHY?

WHY are there so many GUNS in America? Look to the NRA, for one.

WHY are there ANY high-powered assault weapons and military-grade weapons? And sold on the open market to anyone who happens to want one to boot?

It does not require much thought to simply deduce that many, many guns will IN FACT lead to many, many shootings…

So again, perhaps one should focus efforts on the NRA; Also imperative is an astute focus on constant streams of pure propaganda, deliberate misinformation and outright LIES; All are common brainwashing techniques.

Another line of questioning should be along the lines asking WHY on EARTH IS there so much violence in America?
Um…Could it perhaps stem from irretrievable hopelessness that goes hand-in-hand with lifelong debt servitude and the ongoing collaboration among thieves of engineered impoverishment that leads to such violent acts?  Of course the answer is YES; That TOO is a FACT.

As for U. S. Domestic policies, all of which clearly spell out “to hell with you people” does indeed lead directly to utter despair, total hopelessness, abject poverty, among countless other societal ills, all of which in turn do often lead to acts of violence, acts of desperation, more crime, and infinite other symptoms of decay and decline and failure of society.

So, as a matter of fact, more “Austerity” measures, if the “officials” are serious about these tactics–and they are indeed serious–will automatically lead directly to more and more violence, some of which can be clearly evidenced by the many infamous shooting sprees all across this country.

Additionally, as citizens everywhere, particularly the youth, begin to starkly realize that all our hard-earned money–our tax dollars–go to enrich the filthy rich and to create more illusion; to prop up insolvent fraudulent banks; And that our elected officials in our own government have been bought off lock, stock and barrel by corporate/banking gangster cartels, steering us all steadily into total financial ruination; THEN it becomes MUCH easier to comprehend how some poor, struggling, hugely indebted sod finds him/herself in utter despair and becomes unhinged. It is ALL totally foreseeable.

So just wait a little bit longer as every single common sense program is thoroughly GUTTED, all programs originally designed to prevent such disastrous acts of desperation and to prevent the catastrophic hopelessness and despair that stems from these unspeakable conditions. As those programs that were instituted specifically to help the less-advantaged, the poor, the disabled, the ever-growing jobless, the downtrodden military veterans, the now-bankrupt once-middle-class-cum-slave-class are dismantled and as any and all programs designed to help those in need are systematically destroyed by those in our government and urged on by a startling half of the voters, what do we, the American public really expect?

Gee…How shocking, indeed.

It should be rather obvious that horrendous breakdowns of all stripes by those from all walks of life will not only occur more and more frequently, but epidemic violence will worsen exponentially unless and until the reckless destruction of American society, our society, is halted forthwith, summarily reversed and wholly rectified altogether.

So get the FACTS straight before any of you condemn and vilify an innocent group of people about which the vast majority are beyond totally ignorant.  DO NOT point he finger at any convenient scapegoat, such as you are with those with mental illness; AGAIN: It is imperative to know that those with mental illness are infinitely more likely to be VICTIMS of violence than to be perpetrators of violence.

So, as any irresponsible, loudmouthed, thoroughly ignorant, belligerent and totally wrong-headed people in this society play the usual Blame Game against the innocent people with mental illness; As those ignorant, illiterate politicians in our government spin lies to their media cohorts; As they and you all lose more control of yourselves, glibly and arrogantly pointing the finger at the mentally ill as the enemy-du-jour and as the usual scapegoats, well then…Pick up a BOOK.

I know how common and typical it is to engage in the Blame Game here in America; Yes, it’s always the fault of “the others.” Convenient scapegoats as usual. And every time, YOU BLAME THE WRONG PEOPLE. The FACT remains that categorically, the vast majority of acts of violence of any kind, including the uniquely American shooting spree, are NOT committed by those with mental illness.

Another more appropriate focus is the examination of this apparent actuality:  We do NOT live in a civilized society by ANY stretch or ANY measurement.  Indeed, there will only be more needless deaths and horrific tragedies as society continues to literally break down in front of our eyes. It is THIS BREAKDOWN that we must address.

So, in other words, look no further than straight at yourselves in the MIRROR.




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