Letter To the Corporate Whores in our Kleptocratic government:

You filthy little quislings in this thoroughly criminal U.S. government are a bunch of worthless humps, spineless parasites, forever sucking off the teat of MY and the other taxpayers’ hard earned money, you filthy parasites.

It is, in fact, YOU people who are THE problem in this thoroughly corrupt and totally criminal KLEPTOCRACY. You Little HACKS.

AND since it is indeed you Idiot-Humps in this Idiot-Criminal government, who are reprehensible in your own insane stupidity and your thorough criminality, I am wondering just who in HELL do you people think you are??

Hint: You are stupid Idiot-buffoons. Period.

So!! How dare you take my hard-earned money and give it to your Corporate Whoremasters and pocket the rest? And how dare you prosecute Journalists and Whistleblowers?!? How DARE you. PERIOD.

Just wait till huge rolling waves of epic insurrections begin to form across this entire country; And Just wait till these huge rolling waves of unstoppable epic insurrection start gaining momentum…


And just wait till THE Insurrection–that’s US– comes DIRECTLY AT YOU, and then ATOP and UPON YOU…

Then what will Y’ALL do?

HA!! I know one thing:

I’ll be laughing AT YOU the entire time.

With Pure Contempt,
P.S. I want my money back. ALL OF IT.


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