“ACA, which would not have passed without his aye vote has enshrined a Wall Street middleman as a rentier toll booth between the doctor and the patient. Vermont’s Green Mountain Care which promised to pave a way to a public option (highly dubious to begin with for a variety of reasons) was buried by another snake-oil Democrat, Shumlin.”

“On Wall Street reform Sanders buckled on the scope of his Audit the Fed amendment.”

Here’s Ron Paul’s take:

“Bernie Sanders has sold out and sided with Chris Dodd to gut Audit the Fed in the Senate. His “compromise” is what the Administration and banking interests want: they’ll allow the TARP and TALF to be audited, but no transparency of the FOMC, discount window operations or agreement with foreign central banks. We need to take action and stop this!”


“There are more very iffy votes which I’m intending to compile and document at Mosquitocloud.net with the help of some friends at the site. Here’s but one: Bernie signed the Democrat letter calling Lynch qualified and pushing for a swift floor vote. And here is why his assessment of her qualifications is questionable:”

Bill Black: HSBC Violates its Sweetheart Deal and Loretta Lynch P raises It – http://www.nakedcapitalism.com…



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