STOP MASS INCARCERATION: Tony Robinson Freddie Gray & the Baltimore Indictments Stolen Lives Families get some press

Tony Robinson
Freddie Gray & the Baltimore Indictments
Stolen Lives Families get some press

Oakland Rally in support of Tony Robinson, his family, and the people of Madison

Responding to the call from the people of Madison to demonstrate anger and outrage that the murderer of unarmed Tony Robinson would not be charged, SMIN called a rally on Oscar Grant Corner in Oakland, joined by some of the Rev Club, others who responder to our emergency alert. We taped the face of Tony Robinson to the the Stolen Lives poster, joining the terrible list of thousands of other unarmed people killed by murdering police. We were on the bullhorn, loudly to all in the busy downtown intersection about the murder of Tony, the exoneration, once again, of the cop who killed him, and pointed to the powerful uprising in Baltimore as being the response needed, We got out copies of Carl’s statement on the killing of Tony, and the statement on the Indictment of the 6 Baltimore pigs.

Right away, we attracted a number of passersby who stayed with us through the rally. Across the street, a swarm of police were jacking up a young Black man, and then hand-cuffing him. Seeing this, a young Black man who had joined us took the bull horn, drawing attention to “this is what we’re talking about”, calling out the cops and agitating for the brother’s release, while a ex-marine cop-watcher ran over to film the incident. The cops soon un-cuffed the guy and left.

While some of the people on the street were not so familiar with the facts around the murder of Tony, as they were with other cases – particularly Walter Scott and Freddie Gray – as they learned about it, they too, stepped up to speak. Struck by the fact that Tony was obviously in mental distress when he was killed, one woman took the bullhorn to agitate about how they say they they are here to “protect and serve” but that’s a lie. Then she broke into a parody of the National Anthem, singing “Oh say can you see how the police are lying to you and me.”

The murder of Freddie Gray, & prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s
stunning decision to indict 6 cops.
Is the system FINALLY getting the obscenity of a public lynching of a young Black man?
NOT! (click for reality check)

For all of you who can’t pick up a copy of the East Bay Express…

Some courageous Families of Stolen Lives are getting some public recognition. Check out the article here

Calendar for the coming week
[but always be prepared for emergencies and outbreaks of resistance!]

Sunday, May 17
Join us in taking out Stop Mass Incarceration Networkd to the Malcolm X Day street party in the Bayview, San Francisco.
Meet at 3rd St. Bet. Palou & Quesada, SF at 12:30

CAFE TAZO,3087 16th St, San Francisco

College of Alameda graduation, SAMI
[Students Against Mass Incarceration]
Hands-up, Don’t shoot

And, Stay Tuned for news on the June 4th SMIN Fundraising event at the New Parrish in Oakland, 5-7pm

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