Emergency! Oakland Police Kill Again! Latest Message from STOP MASS INCARCERATION Network

Emergency! Oakland Police Kill Again!

No Curfew on Police Murder
Fuck the Curfew on Demonstrations

This morning Oakland Police Killed another

We should be ready to respond at the site of the murder and wherever rebellion occurs.

Go to Our Facebook page for the latest information

Here is a media report:

Call us at 510-404-3628 for the latest:
This is why Mayor Schaaf put in the curfew:
[From a leaflet we put out last week]

Mayor Schaaf:


There is an national epidemic of police brutality and murder. Police who murder in cold-blood are almost never arrested. When they are, they are usually let go. Among the thousands of fatal shootings at the hands of police since 2005, only 54 officers have been charged and most were never convicted.

All over the country, and time after time, Killer Cops go free – given a green light to kill some more – while, in every city, people who to take to the streets to demand an end to these murders are arrested and jailed.

Let’s get it straight, the indictment of 6 cops in Baltimore for the murder of Freddie Gray would never have happened without the brave and determined uprising of thousands of youth.

And, getting ALL murdering police off the streets and into jail is not going happen without even more massive, more defiant and more widespread struggle.

Oppose! Defy! Any attempt to stifle righteous resistance of the people!

Our Streets! Any time!

It’s Right to Rebel Against Murder by Police!

Check out the great video, by our own J Duce (also on our webpage)

Next Meeting
Wed, June 10th, 6 pm
Cafe Tazo, 3087 16th St, San Francisco
[One Block from 16th/Mission BART]

Making plans for the U.S. Conference of Mayors:

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