We Declare The US Government Illegitimate, Agenda For Peaceful Transition by David DeGraw June 20, 2015

We Declare The US Government Illegitimate, Agenda For Peaceful Transition
by David DeGraw – Jun 20, 2015
In a technologically advanced society with $100 trillion in wealth, our economic system is a crime against humanity. In a time of unprecedented abundance, we will not remain passive in the face of oppressive systemic corruption while our families are buried in debt and our communities are systemically torn apart.

Based on statistical indicators and analysis of government policy, it is evident that we are now on a fast track to societal breakdown. Due to corruption and wealth inequality, it is now mathematically impossible for 75% of the population to keep up with the current cost of living without taking on extreme debt.

Economic policy makes it clear that the majority of the population has been sentenced to an impoverished future. A systemic economic war has been declared on us, and it is systematically becoming more militarized. The sooner we take bold, strategic and constructive action, the better the chances are for a peaceful transition.

It has been scientifically proven that our government is rigged and works against the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population. The policy actions of both dominate political parties make it clear that they no longer represent the interests of the people. With Congressional approval ratings at an all-time low, it is obvious that this government no longer has the consent of the governed.

Until there is a Constitutional amendment that states, “Corporations are not people and money is not speech,” we are declaring the government and electoral process illegitimate. This Constitutional amendment is merely the first common sense step to correct a long list of systemic abuses inflicted upon the people.

Our country, like other countries across the world, has been captured and is now dominated by an unaccountable global central banking cartel that is systematically extracting wealth from our communities. On June 20th, at central banks worldwide, we are announcing this preliminary draft of an agenda to restore accountability and set the conditions for a peaceful transition to a legitimate political process that represents the interests of the people.

Between June 20 and September 17, we will do further feasibility studies and get more input from all of our members before presenting our final agenda. On September 17, we will engage in a campaign of non-violent action to ensure that this agenda is carried out.

It is important to note that this is not our ideal vision of a future society; these are just the first strategic steps that we can take over the course of the next five years to avert societal collapse and put us in a position to significantly evolve society for the benefit of all.

Item 1: Audit Extracted Wealth

Publically transparent commissions to audit and recoup wealth that has been extracted from the US economy through corrupt practices. Preliminary estimates lead us to believe that approximately $25 trillion has been extracted from the economy due to corrupt practices. To give some context, $1 trillion is $1000 billion. With $25 trillion, we can dramatically rebuild and evolve society for the benefit of all.

We demand immediate, transparent and comprehensive audits of the following:

Federal Reserve and all primary dealers;
Banks & Wall Street firms generating over $250 million in annual profit;
High Frequency Trading;
OTC Derivatives / Shadow Banking System;
Zero Interest loans;
Corporate buy back practices;
Quantitative Easing;
All political lobbying, campaign finance and revolving door related activities;
Offshore wealth;
Military and “security” related contracts;
Paid “news” programming for any media company generating over $1 million in annual profit;
All individuals making over $1 million annually in the following industries: financial, healthcare, food, fossil fuel energy and military.

Individuals who have profited, at a threshold to be determined, from any of the above activities will face trial for engaging in corrupt practices. Punishments will range from prison sentences, confiscation of wealth, fines and loss of ability to engage in political activities. Corporations found guilty will be efficiently unwound or a transparent vote will elect an entirely new board and upper management staff. Executives and board members of those corporations will be held personally accountable.

“Lawmakers” and “regulators” who have received any compensation from companies they regulated or wrote laws for, before or after holding government office, will be barred from further government activity and be fined in an amount at least equivalent to past compensation for such activities.

All offshore wealth will be confiscated and individuals will be fined twice the amount they hid, and they will be prosecuted based on theft laws.

All executives at financial, healthcare, food, fossil fuel energy and military companies which have received government support of any kind, must return all of their bonuses since receiving the support, and all personal annual salaries and compensation packages above $125k.

These audits and trials must be complete by 2020.

Item 2: Immediate Emergency Measures

The Federal Reserve will be efficiently unwound and states will temporarily take over the banking system, until local level votes chart a healthy path forward. The Bank of North Dakota and proposed postal banking measures will serve as an initial prototype.
All fiat currency, fractional reserve and usurious debt-based banking practices will be efficiently phased out.
Withdrawal from the IMF, WTO and World Bank, cease all relations with central banks and BIS.
A transparent corporate enforcement bureau will be established to regulate destructive, illegal or unethical behavior. Board members and upper management executives will face personal legal and financial obligations.
Corporations who participate in the US economy must adhere to ethical guidelines.
Corporations who use sweatshop or slave labor in any aspect of their production and supply chain will be prohibited from participation in the US economy.
Corporations who pollute the environment, above a to-be-determined threshold, will be fined at minimum twice as much as clean up costs, and upper management and board members be held personally accountable.
Refocus foreign policy and defense on sustainability efforts; developing and deploying non-fossil fuel energy. Redirect military activities to combating environmental destruction, global hunger and poverty. (For just 20% of total annual military expenditures we can eliminate global hunger and poverty.)
Non-transparent trade deals are null and void.
Create a trade treaty with countries requiring corporations with annual profits over $1 billion to contribute the required amount to eradicate global hunger and poverty. (For just 10% of the largest 500 corporations profits, we can end hunger and poverty globally.) Include in the treaty strong requirements to protect the environment and human rights.
Amend Constitution to include protection of Internet’s open architecture.
Amend Constitution to state: “Corporations are not people, money is not speech.”
Prohibit elected officials, or people running for office, from raising money.
All candidates who can demonstrate support, of a certain threshold, will be given equal money and equal airtime in their voting district’s media.
Domestic police forces must be demilitarized.
End all unwarranted surveillance.
Establish publicly transparent commission to review all NSA and covert activity over the past 15 years.

While in the process of recouping the over $4 trillion, profited from and created through, the Quantitative Easing program, $4 trillion will be immediately distributed for the following purposes:

(a)Cover the cost of one year of basic necessities for all non-millionaire households. Basic necessities covered: shelter, food, healthcare, childcare, education, transportation and communication expenses. Expenses calculated based on geographic cost of living calculations.
(b)All medical and student debt will be null and void.
(c)Underwater mortgages relieved.
(d)Remaining funds will be equally distributed to local municipal city governments to rebuild eco-friendly community infrastructure and phase out fossil fuel use as efficiently as possible.

Item 3: New Tax System

A new tax system shall be put in place. We will establish a commission to transparently debate the details of this system, preliminary suggested guidelines:

Personal Income

All household income generated annually below $100k will be tax-free;
5% for income in $100k – $150k;
An increase of 5% for every household income bracket in $50k intervals, maximum of 75% for annual income over $800k;

Corporate Profit

Corporations making under $2 million in annual profit will not be subject to any taxes.
Corporations making between $2 million – $5 million in annual profit will pay 15% of profit in taxes.
Corporations making between $5 million – $10 million in annual profit will pay 25% of profit in taxes.
Corporations making over $10 million in annual profit will pay 50% of profit in taxes, with a sliding 5% scale increase per every additional $5 million in profit, maximum of 90%.
Corporations making under $5 million in annual profit are exempt from taxes, except for any fossil fuel, military, GMO food, financial or health insurance-related corporations who will be taxed at a 90% rate on all profit and exempt from government support.
Any corporation that is deemed destructive to local communities, by local community vote, will be exempt from government support of any kind – from local, state and federal levels – and will be taxed at a 90% rate.
Corporations making over $5 million in annual profit are exempt from government support.

Corporate Requirements

Corporations making over $5 million in annual profits must publically post all operating expenses.
The highest paid person at a corporation or non-profit organization cannot make more than 25 times the lowest paid worker, outsourced workers included.
No corporation or conglomerate shall have more than a 10% share of industry-wide revenue, based on national and local city markets.

Item 4: Human Rights Abuses

Due to corrupt political practices, the United States now has the highest incarceration rate in the world; no other country is even close. The following steps must be taken:

Shutdown for-profit prison system.
All individuals currently incarcerated or on parole for schedule 1 drug possession charges shall be released and voting rights reinstated.
All prisons must be non-profit and include humane mental and physical conditions, including active rehabilitation.
No prisoner should be forced into labor or be paid under minimum wage.
Drug Laws revised, drug war ended.
After a case-by-case analysis, when systemic racism is suspected, provide attorneys to prisoners to file civil suits against local governments. Also provide attorneys for suits against prison companies for inhumane treatment.

War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity

Any individual in a position of responsibility for torture will be tried.
The Bush and Obama Administrations will face trial.
Close Gitmo and all black site prisons.
Cease all drone bombings until proper procedures and strong accountability measures are in place.
Phase out all for-profit private military contracts.
Comprehensive and transparent review of all military bases, programs and contracts.
Vastly improve veteran healthcare services and allow veterans to file civil suits against the government for unjust war.

Item 5: Basis of New Government

Ill-gotten wealth, as defined, but not limited to, item 1, recouped through public jury process, will be used to establish a municipal-based program that guarantees basic necessities, as defined in item 2a, to every person as a human right.
Tax money must fulfill basic necessities for all people and be used for eco-friendly infrastructure before being used for any other purposes.
The US military, healthcare, education and infrastructure system will be non-profit and publically transparent in all activities.
The National Security Act must be rewritten.
All military and security-related programs must achieve a majority vote in a majority of states. Any military activities taken in strategically necessary haste are to be voted upon by a council at least 12 people, who are elected by the people for that specific function. All council members are then subject to public judicial review after one year of taking any actions. Any military or security action taken without the knowledge of this council will be subject to war crimes prosecution.

Item 6: Governmental Structure Moving Forward

Our government was created in a time when mass communication was highly inefficient. In our time of instant worldwide communication, a complete governmental overhaul and upgrade is long overdue. We propose that the Federal government should be efficiently dissolved and replaced by a system of Liquid Democracy. State governments should hold a referendum vote on governmental structures as so as possible. The very concept of a nation state has become obsolete. Local governments should be empowered and cities should be aligned in the loosest possible terms to ensure that human rights and freedom are preserved.

Item 7: Personal Action

We are calling for all people to take every action they can to withdraw from this corrupt system and become as locally self-sufficient as possible. Here are a few basic suggestions:

Withdraw your money from big banks and the stock market.
Use alternative currencies and economic systems.
Stop working for large corporations.
Grow your own food or trade/buy from local farms.
Spend your money at local businesses and organizations.
Boycott all companies who participate in destructive and unethical practices.
Stop using fossil fuels.
Live in eco-friendly homes.
Use independent communication tools.

Align with groups who will join with you in bold strategic actions, such as:

Stop paying taxes and redirect that money to help rebuild your community.
Default on all student and medical debt.
Engage in non-violent civil disobedience.


As all aware people already know, we are at a critical crossroad. Are we going to let our society collapse, or will a critical mass of compassionate citizens courageously stand up and guide us toward a sustainable and prosperous future?

If we want to change things through non-violent methods, the window of opportunity is closing fast. If love and compassion are going to prevail, now is the time to stand up. We can use this time of crisis to drastically change course and evolve society in a positive direction. We live in a technologically advanced society that has all the necessary tools to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

* If you support or disagree with any of the aspects presented in this preliminary agenda, please state, as concisely as possible, which sections you support, which you disagree with, and your proposals for additional items for inclusion in our final agenda. Deadline for comments and proposals is September 7th. A vote on each proposal amendment will take place online from September 9 – 16.
David DeGraw
EXIT.media editor, author of The Economics of Revolution and Freedom In A Time of Mental Slavery. Personal website: http://DavidDeGraw.org/


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