Message from STOP MASS INCARCERATION: Kick-Off Meeting for #RiseUpOctober Sunday, August 2nd, 2 PM OAKLAND

Kick-Off Meeting for #RiseUpOctober
Which Side are You on?

Be There!
Sunday, August 2nd, 2 PM
First Congregational Church, Oakland
27th and Harrison St
(Across from Whole Foods, Harrison Street level Entrance)
Will you be at this Meeting? (click here) and invite others

Why come out ?
Why stop what you are doing and throw into this?
Because police STILL kill Black and Brown children for playing with toy guns and choke Black men to death in Staten Island and Mississippi and then curse them at their last dying breath, because cops disappear a young Black woman into a Texas county jail and “somehow” she doesn’t come out alive, because 26 of these mad dogs stomp a young man for riding his bike the wrong way in Philly, because they shoot down and murder Latinos who have their hands in the air in LA or maybe throw a rock in Washington state while backing up… and it’s all on video and NOTHING IS DONE, still NOTHING IS DONE…

Why October 24? Because politicians now promise the moon while the system STILL keeps millions in prisons that bulge like the slave ships, and lock down and pen up whole communities… and there’s STILL one chance in three that the Black baby boy born today will end up in those cages… and talk is cheap but NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE…

Why October 24? Because you know it now, you’ve seen it, and you can’t be neutral, you can’t sit this out. Because last year people rose up and said NO MORE and that was great, that was fresh air at last. But it was all just a start and now they are trying to snuff this out with more murders and more lies, with jail terms and sweet talk and crumbs and snark—or else they try to change the subject to anything but police terror and the righteous struggle against it. And meanwhile the plague still rages… meanwhile the machinery of genocide grinds on, tearing and chewing up thousands each day, draining or wearing away, or blowing away the lives of tens of millions more over decades.

We have to either go forward—
taking the resistance to another level—
or we will surely go backwards…
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