NOOZHAWK Article: Local Police Receive New Patrol Cars (October 6th, 2014)



Here is the Article:

My Responses:

The starting salary of an S.B. Police Officer is, according to Noozhawk in 2012:

“The average 2012 salary and overtime for an Santa Barbara police officer was $99,084 per year, with sergeants bringing in $130,476 annually. A top-step police officer can cost the city $180,830 per year in salary, benefits and taxes.”

Most of us who are not a part of the Military Industrial Complex, which now apparently wholly encompasses Police Departments, paying for it with OUR Tax dollars, are simply left to languish in Debt Servitude, mired in the Reagan-esque “Trickle-Down” LIE, the new “Service” Economy, i.e. Sharecropper System.

America is “Great” if and only if you’re rich;
And only if you truly enjoy continual Wars of American Aggression;
And only if you love Bank Fraud;
And only if you love gigantic monopolistic corporations that pay ZERO dollars in Taxes;
And only…

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