STOP MASS INCARCERATION NETWORK Message: Why Rise Up October? Hitting the ground running OCTOBER 22-24

Why Rise Up October?
Hitting the ground running
Schedule for the week

What Is the Political Aim of October 22 to 24?

The situation is this: thousands of people have risen in the last year to demand that the police stop their wanton and repeated killings of Black and Latino people. But the police, backed up from on high, have continued this onslaught and lashed back harder. This is a plague, this is the spearpoint of a genocide. Yet, way too many people still sit on the sidelines. In the face of this, Rise Up October has called for militant and mass mobilization on October 22 to 24, focused in New York City, to STOP this. These actions aim to mobilize many more thousands of people, from all walks of life, much more actively into this fight, to powerfully insist through their actions on those days that these murders must simply stop, NOW. Such an unprecedented outpouring of protest and resistance, along with the whole process of building up to these days, would awaken and inspire millions, and sharply raise the question to the whole society and the whole world – WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? The aim is to get things to the point where there are millions who both feel in their bones that this system of intimidation, terror and murder is INTOLERABLE…and are willing to step out and act in all different ways to stop this, and have the ways to do so. In other words, these actions in October aim to change the whole tenor and direction of society. That is what we are calling for. And that is worth going all-in on.
We Can Do This!!

Raising money in the streets for Rise Up October and getting family members of people murdered by the police to New York City for October 22-24!!

Off of our recent Kick-off meeting for Rise Up October, we have hit the ground running toward raising the tens of thousands of dollars needed to kick Rise Up October way out in society and to raise travel money that will be needed to get family members whose loved ones were murdered by the police and others to NYC for the major mobilization October 22-24!

We began by commemorating the anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown, the Ferguson rebellion, and huge national protests in response to his murder.

Friday afternoon, some of us were in downtown Oakland at Oscar Grant Corner – the epicenter of repeated demonstrations following the murder of Oscar Grant, and the starting point for the marches that repeatedly shut down freeways and shipping ports in response to the murders of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Walter Scott. We rallied there, speaking on the bullhorn, holding a large Stolen Lives banner, and shaking the fundraising can and swelling our ranks to a couple dozen, and then went to the First Friday street festival to spread the word of #RiseUpOctober.

Saturday we gathered next to the busy Powell and Market Cable Car turnaround in the tourist and shopping district of San Francisco. We unfurled the giant Stolen Lives banner and called on people to join the side of the people against Police Terror. And really, there were as many cops there as protestors. Seems like they are defensive and worried about people calling out the crimes of the police. We spoke out, challenging people to put money in the jars and traffic was blocked by briefly. Many people stepped forward to take stacks of RiseUpOctober palmcards and to volunteer to be part of building to Stop Police Terror. And we got some good media coverage in the SF Chronicle.

On Sunday we took #RiseUpOctober to the huge Outside Lands music festival in golden Gate Park. To be honest this crowd was less tuned in to how serious this epidemic of murder by the police is. So it was really important we to take the message of “Stop Police Terror – Which Side Are You On” to people that normally would not know of it. (Maybe that’s why the park police were concerned – so much so that they threatened us with arrest if we didn’t leave).

But the positive responses we did get were heartfelt, thanking us for being there and matching that with some generous donations.

Not only did we get out the message, but in calling on people to donate, we gave them a way that they could be part of making Rise Up October happen.

Throughout the weekend, we distributed over 7000 palm cards and recruited people on the spot to organize their friends. Over three days, we raised more than $600.

Below is the schedule for this week. Do a fundraising project yourself with your friends or organization for Rise Up October and go out with us to these and other events. No experience necessary! You just have to want to care about and want to STOP POLICE TERROR!

Schedule for The Week + some

Thursday Aug 13, Rise Up October meeting
6 PM CafeTazo, 3087 16st, San Francisco
(1 short block from 16/Mission BART)

Friday, Aug 14, Outreach/Fundraising, 24/Mission, S.F.
3-6 PM, Lead by La Collectiva, Spanish & English

Sunday, Aug 16 Dolores Park,Outreach and fundraising, La Colectiva
And, also
Sunday, 12:30 p.m., Stern Grove, for Talib Kweli concert
(meet at Sloat Blvd and 19th Ave. entrance)

For people in the South Bay, We urge you to go see the Mime Troupe’s “Freedomland”, Saturday and Sunday at San Lorenzo Park, 3 PM, Free

Go to and spread the Website, and encourage people to endorse Rise Up October, and Donate.

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