The United States government officials and those within it’s many taxpayer-funded government agencies are actively engaged in criminal conspiracy and collusion with multiple private corporations; These entities have been actively engaged in War Crimes, Massive Bank Fraud, Embezzlement, Criminal Profiteering, Larceny, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering; Genocide; Treason.
Many of these United States’ government officials, both elected and unelected, have broken very serious U. S. and International laws; Laws written specifically in the U.S. Constitution; Laws in which each of these officials have sworn to uphold. This is Treason.

The United States of America and it’s many agencies’ government officials, both elected and unelected, have actively and deliberately been deceiving the American citizenry for decades; The U.S. government spokespersons and agency quislings do actively spread outright lies and deliberate misinformation; The U.S. government has been doing so for decades, particularly by an apparently highly contemplated and systematic use of corporate-controlled Mass Media, which is itself responsible for spreading Propaganda confabulated by some within the United States government and with a very specific purpose: To conceal multiple serious crimes.

The C.I.A., the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, is a U. S. Taxpayer-funded government-sponsored Terrorist Organization that has been actively engaged in war crimes, treachery, treason, multiple foreign and domestic coups d’etat, multiple domestic and foreign assassinations, and countless myriad other strictly illegal and highly nefarious activities, many [illegal] acts conducted in total secrecy and without the knowledge nor the consent of the Taxpaying citizens of the United States.

We the People of the United States do hereby demand full accountability from each of our government officials; We demand full and rigorous investigations and thorough prosecutions, whether in a newly-formed newly-instituted U.S. Court of Law or in an International Tribunal; And, finally, We the People of the United States of America do hereby demand full retribution paid by those whom are found guilty of their crimes in the form of severe punitive measures and full global reparations for all citizens of the United States and all affected citizens of the world.


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