Hillary enters the race Apr 13th 2015

Citizens every where on the planet are screaming for the Americans not to do this;Not to allow this Hillary Clinton person to attain such a position of global power.  Everyone else on earth can certainly see–even if Americans are too stupid.

So first, yes, let’s look at this utterly far-reaching, protracted and beyond-costly quagmire-of-a-war IRAQ, that has turned into a global HELL.

Remember clearly that CIA intelligence reports indicated, BEFORE congress-member Hillary Clinton voted FOR going to WAR, a CLEAR War of American Aggression, remember that there was NO EVIDENCE of ANY weapons of mass destruction and, further, that Iraq was IN NO WAY linked with al Qaeda.

The FACT is that it was Hillary Clinton that willingly voted, WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE, to go to WAR. To invade and occupy [Iraq] and enter a WAR of AGGRESSION. The costs of this 11 year World War were perfectly foreseeable before U. S. even stepped foot in Iraq.

In fact, as of this month, April 2015, there are reportedly 1.2 MILLION Iraqis and Afghanis DEAD…and ever counting;

There are Countless utterly destroyed American youths; WAR Dead, limbs blown off, so many suicided, so many very seriously brain-injured, horribly maimed, changed-for-life; So many and ever counting.

So, a vote for Hillary Clinton? Really? Hillary Clinton, right along with her PALS, Obama, Geithner, Bush, Cheney, and all of the other member of the U. S. War and Bank Fraud Machine, FULLY supported that WAR.

So DO KNOW that Hillary Clinton will support ALL WAR. ALWAYS. The fact is that any one installed in this American government will always go to war with the WORLD.

Why? Well, because the entire U. S. economy has been built on War and still does run on continuous War. The War Industry actively promulgates War as with any WAR-economy, the War Industry perpetrates War and perpetuates War.

So, first the U. S. invasion of Iraq was actually directly in order to profit and impudently steal; These are Crimes. War Crimes and War Profiteering.

And Hillary Clinton is yet another one of “these” attempting to put another notch in her gold-gilt belt, this time with her eye the ultimate brass ring, the U. S. Presidency. Ah, yes… Another money-grubbing, war-mongering, rapacious, downright beastly American “President” who spends their days pandering and whoring to corporate interests, War Interest, Bank interests… No matter WHAT and solely for PROFIT.

So…Clinton’s CHARACTER really ought to be taken into account for those actually considering voting for her in 2016.


Subject: Clinton?????

Date: January 22, 2016

To All Unions who Think that they Support CLINTON for President in 2016:

This System that you are determinedly but so blindly fighting to PRESERVE and SUSTAIN is our REAL PROBLEM!!!

STOP!!! Ask yourselves:

EXACTLY For WHOM am I working, toiling, slaving away my life….FOR NOTHING????? BUT DEBT?????

I sincerely hope that y’all here in Unions work on getting your FACTS STRAIGHT before you back this CLINTON person and actually CAST YOUR VOTES!!

In fact, maybe y’all should READ MORE!!

Divide and Conquer is one of the most effective strategies to keep people away from the fact that WE are being ROBBED BLIND in Broad Daylight. We the people have been working for FREE for Corporate interests for DECADES!!


Real Wages have been Stagnant since 1973!!! EVEN AS PRODUCTIVITY has SKYROCKETED!!!


NO!!! YOU get DEBT!!!!




YOU and WE ALL are stuck paying for EVERYTHING!!!!! Including paying the salaries, pensions and endless benefits of ALL our SOLD-OUT government FLUNKIES!!!! FOR LIFE!!!! And THEY DENY US THE SAME!!!!!

And as because you work harder and harder for longer and longer hours for LESS and LESS compensation FOR YOUR LABOR…YOU LOSE!!!!!! Every time.


Bill and Hillary Clinton are CRIMINALS and should really more appropriately be trialled in a Court Of Law and upon being found GUILTY, sent to PRISON for their CRIMES!!!!


The entire Left v. Right paradigm is now–or always has been–a ruse, LIES, heavily employing fear mongering, Scapegoating “others,” a constant bombardment of hot button “issues,” etc. bandied about constantly.

As you may know, the so-called Progressive movement was surreptitiously and almost immediately usurped by corporate interests and it quickly became another PR campaign to further enrich filthy rich Democrats who have long worked hand in hand with Republicans, all with the exact same agenda. Carter to Reagan to Bush Sr. to Clinton to Bush Jr. to Obama. Not one has EVER represented WE the PEOPLE.

So it is that a huge and dependable military that won’t ask questions as they

are deluded into thinking that they are Patriots and Heroes, will only continue deludedly “Fighting” for “Freedom” and “Democracy;” Killing and slaughtering millions of innocent people around the globe solely for the interests of wealthy corporate henchmen; Forcibly bestowing that unique American “Freedom” and “Democracy” on to every sovereign nation on earth; often through Wars of Aggression (if they have any resources for America to steal); Many times the U. S. brings it’s own wholesome values such as “equality” and genuine “freedom,” to sovereign nations using such enticements as death threats, blackmail, assassination, extortion, coups d’etat, etc., etc. That is the main role of the World Bank, for one example.

In the end, “America” the EMPIRE always “wins!!”

Well…Actually very FEW, about .01% — in America always “win.”

Divide and Conquer tactics uses Brainwashing through relentless campaigns of Nation-State Propaganda; all techniques, all tactics are employed.

A most effective tactic is the sheer fear tactics; Communism, Socialism, Terrorism; We are all force-fed outright LIES, for very specific results, from the cradle to the grave. It works like a CHARM!!!

(US against THEM = Divide and Conquer [tactic])

There are entire manuals and playbooks on How to Control an Entire Society through intensive brainwashing techniques. See one book entitled PROPAGANDA written by Edward Bernays in the 1920s; He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

Another example: have you ever noticed that there are a dizzying, indeed countless, number of…”groups of people?” In the last decade, I noticed a new onslaught: Millions of new 501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(4)s, most thoroughly fraudulent. Many of these fraudulent groups’ minions are used as total dupes, as they are tricked into thinking that they are fighting for one thing, yet in reality they are fighting solely for the interests of the wealthy elite.(WEDGE ISSUES = Divide and Conquer)

So…Have you noticed that these same “groups,” fight vehemently amongst themselves and, most curiously, directly against themselves and their own self interests?

Whether members of these groups are genuine in their profound ignorance; or whether the groups were deliberately created to further spread misinformation and lies, so as to stupefy the populace… It works in that the desired result is the same: Significant confusion; total convolution; Bitter Infighting and pitted fights; It leaves many in in a state of fear or hate or confusion; That too is deliberate. Divide and Conquer.

To be perfectly clear, these same exact hand-selected “issues” are also bandied about, in and on, all forms of media, non-stop, 24/7; The same incessant, irritating high hum of blathering morons on radio; the same empty headed television hosts who I now suspect are hired based solely on either 1. a very low IQ score; or 2. a fundamental ignorance so deep that it cannot ever be challenged.

So, WHO is it exactly that calls the shots?

Who does hand-pick and then place idiot-issues

under the collective noses of the idiot-electorate?

And THEN there IS the OTHER SIDE:

The Idiot-Electorate needs to answer this:

So, who is it that, just like Pavlov’s Dog,

Decade after decade, who casts their vote each and every time there comes a ballot for the candidates presented?

So then, do any of us even wonder such things as

1. WHO in HELL is THIS???

2. FROM WHERE in HELL did they COME?


All I know for CERTAIN is ONE THING: The filthy rich get Richer and Filthier.

Apropos, Balzac wrote these words:

“Behind all great fortune is CRIME.”

Issues? Well, it’s safe to say that these deliberate contrivances…these wedge issues…were not dreamt up and presented to the citizenry by the average American or the average human.

This particular layout of the world, of it’s governance and of it’s “leaders” should be CLEAR in it’s obvious IMPLICATIONS for US. We should recognize that every thing that is occurring is 1. Morally and Ethically 100% WRONG for 99.9% of the earth’s population; 2. Morally and Ethically 100% Unacceptable and 100% IMMORAL. PERIOD; 3. THOSE RESPONSIBLE MUST BE STOPPED, TRIALLED and IMPRISONED for their…CRIMES!!

THEREFORE a REAL remedy is required. And it will come whether we want it to or not according to the simplest laws of physics, i.e. THE CENTER CANNOT HOLD.


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