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“Griffon” wrote:
Back in December 2015, I wrote:
They’ll make it a squeaker, just to assuage the Bernie faithful, and even commend the “tough, good fight.” They’ll offer to reconcile the bitterness and unite for the good of the party against the “bad ‘ol republicans” and it will all be over.

Trust me, they’ll push it plausibly enough, sow enough doubt [about the vote counts], that the volume of fury needed for commitment to some sort of revolt will wane and fade.

The focus will shift from winning the WH to “we shook the very foundations of the establishment, DNC, blah, blah….”

You are going to be robbed. In broad daylight.
The whoring scribes are deploying the “buy Sanders off” rhetoric and pumping-up the Trump/Hitler end-of-days meme. They want hilary and they want you to think you’re making that decision.

You are going to be robbed. In broad daylight.

Again, from December of last year:

hillary will be the nominee because you do not have a voice.

If the shamelessly biased coverage hasn’t convinced you, if the shenanigans of the scumbag DNC/Wasserman Schultz hasn’t convinced you, if the lenient behavior towards Madam Biddable regarding her email scandal, her involvement in numerous corporate boards, ‘donations,’ favoritism, and warmongering policy, not to mention lip-service flip-flops for the sake of campaign appearances hasn’t convinced you, if the debate “wins” which defy the disappeared polls hasn’t convinced you, you’re going to be severely disappointed this coming election.

By the exact same “powers” that convinced you that Nader ‘elected’ bush, (a claim that has been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked however much the denser and useful democratic faithful keep flogging that myth), the powers that ran Palin to frighten you into electing their chosen neocon weasel obama, the same powers that keep suckering you into the Morton’s Fork of political choice…..will win the day.

And there isn’t sh*t you can do about it.

They will run Trump to scare you into holding your nose for hillary. Even if people refuse openly to vote for hillary, they’ll renege in the booth under the pressure of the ads and ‘end-of-the-world’ rhetoric of a scary republican ‘win.’

You’ll be helpless in the face of that too, because you’re being managed and manipulated in ways you aren’t understanding; the media, the advertisers, teevee in general, all bought and paid for consent-manufacturing. You’ll pat yourself on the back for a democrats’ “win,” even though you really had no choice at all. You were maneuvered masterfully, and you won’t understand how hillary got the oval office once it’s done.

This is how they screw you. You have no power here and the corporations know this. They practically flaunt it in your face; what can you do? Petitions? Marches? Angry emails?

So what?
Bottom line is hillary will be rammed down your throat, with the collusion of a pwned media and corporate fiat. You have no verification of vote totals, you have no independent oversight, you have no confirmation. Nada. What you don’t fully grasp is that it matters not one whit if the whole country “votes” for Sanders; there’s no way to confirm and prove vote totals. None.

The private corporations own the voting machines and the vote totals. They can tell you anything they want and you won’t be able to prove squat.

That’s where you are. Now. Well and truly F*cked.

The ‘conventions,’ primaries, caucuses, etc. are P.R. lip-service. They ain’t real. The corporate chosen have already been decided. Privately. Sanders was never going to be the nominee; not even close. He was allowed to run as a democrat for both name association and to keep the alienated from wandering off the reservation and launching a real thread to the oligarchy and the “two party choke-hold.” This way, the trusting and misguided who all worked for yet another democrat will be folded back into party domination; kicking and screaming, perhaps, but that will all be buried in tomorrow’s headlines and the media will again manufacture your consent.

It is an old torture tactic to break a person’s will: give you hope then snatch it away, but leave a smidgen of promise that relief, rescue, etc. is near. Build up hope again, then take it away but leave that smidgen. It’s tragically amazing how long people will tolerate, persevere and convince themselves to keep believing; not knowing of course that rescue will never, ever come.

Because you are not in control. But you won’t entertain or understand that.

That is why we fail.


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