FIRST, Research thoroughly SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001…


Research thoroughly…


THEN, research the following organizations and all respective members:
PNAC (Project for a New American Century)
Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Bilderberg Group
Bohemian Grove
United Nations Agenda 2030
You’ll then find Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Illuminati and other insular secret societies.

AND THEN be sure to research THOROUGHLY mass brainwashing and mass mind control…Reading first the book by Sigmund Freud’s nephew,  Edward Bernays’ playbook on mind control entitled PROPAGANDA;  And THEN see Goebbels’ tactics and very specific uses of brainwashing and campaigns of propaganda.


ONE MUST KNOW!!!!  Both brainwashing and mind control are most certainly used today and in fact, have been used for quite some time…with astonishing success…through a constant blather and hum or…bombardment,…using every last form of media imaginable, spreading all of the manufactured, self-annoited so-called elite-driven LIES…total confabulations and outright lies…from cradle to grave, generation after generation.

Campaigns of pure Propaganda are NO ACCIDENT!!  The “RULERS” endlessly and heavily employ ALL forms of media, using the same old idiot fear tactics–Communism, Socialism, Terrorism–tirelessly, constantly and continually, day after day, decade after decade; Using the taxpayer-funded public education system to brainwash the youth . Just like Germany did…And China…and USSR…and everywhere else.

BUT, I must say…AMERICA seems to be NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!! …For a totally brainwashed, mind controlled braindead zombie robot people that will carry out atrocities without question…


What a DAMNED SHAME…As these Americans who are “following orders” are in fact and in deed actually working for what appear to be something very evil.  9\11.CM


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