A Letter to The Real News Network (TRNN)…

Dear Mr. Paul Jay and All TRNN Reporters,

I appreciate your efforts and your collective reporting on many of the issues that the MSM will not cover; Thank you for this.
I do want to voice my opinion, however, on coverage of this 2016 Election spectacle, generally;
And specifically, the total lack of coverage of any of the deeply significant issues, as I will outline below.

First I shall enclose [my] relevant comment made a few days ago:

“The United States government is not at all–in any way, shape or form–“ours” to cast a vote in the first place;
A full-spectrum corporate coup d’etat has long ago been achieved and thoroughly.
We are living in absolute lawlessness and the exact stupid relentless chaos ensues, that which they themselves create again and again and foment repeatedly to put the people in constant FEAR.
There are no “negotiations” to be had!!
This government I shall not and will not and do not recognize as legitimate; In fact and IN DEED this U.S. government has been the most enormous fraud that has ever been perpetrated on any people in history that I know.
This U.S. government is 100% ILLEGAL, as per the U.S. Constitution, which burns in broad daylight on a funeral pyre for all to see IF ONLY they’d LOOK.
As such, there is no legitimate or legal entity with which we would “negotiate” or VOTE. However, WE the PEOPLE MUST WIN–NO MATTER WHAT.”CM

Thus, since this government does NOT represent US at all, your coverage may actually be more informative, rather than focusing on the “Presidential” IDIOTS,
All selfsame narcissistic corporate marionette puppets; Rather, please delve into the following critical issues:

The September 11th 2001 Coup d’etat;
The so-called New World Order and the United Nations’ respective Role;
The Council On Foreign Relations and all respective members;
Trilateral Commission;
Bilderberg Group;
Rothschilds and Rockefellers vis-a-vis the global monetary system;
Freemasonry and the so-called Illuminati;
Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones at Yale; Rhodes, Fulbright et al;

Also, thoroughly research mass Mind Control, mass Brainwashing;
Project Artichoke, Project Pandora; MK Ultra

Otherwise, your news agency TRNN is not reporting on anything of substance or import; This “election” is NOTHING BUT a FARCE.




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